Friday, December 19, 2008


In December? Too early. At the bank today, they closed at 3pm, instead of 5pm, on account of the weather. I wish I could work abbreviated bank hours.

How about them UVA Cavaliers? Great hire of Greg Brandon as OC (former HC at Bowling Green).

Monday, December 15, 2008


The Bengals are amazing! I can't believe they've lost a game this year. They are going to be tough in the playoffs.

Five people I don't want coaching the Redskins in 2009.

5. Vladimir Putin - Wouldn't grasp cap considerations.
4. Mike Groh - We should have seen the warning signs when he designed plays on Electric Football with the board upside down.
3. Tony Stewart - He's already bailed on Joe Gibbs once.
2. Hal Sutton - 'Be the right cover two, to-DAY!'
1. The Swedish Chef - Too existential, and no one would understand him, except maybe Portis.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


"Developer Wilbur Ray Todd Jr. bought the house for $450,000 shortly after Vick was indicted on federal dogfighting conspiracy charges. At an auction last December, Todd rejected a bid of $747,000, which is the assessed value of the property for tax purposes but less than the $1 million Todd wanted. The house was put on the market but remained unsold."

$297,000 wasn't enough of a profit? What a greedy knucklehead. I hope it never sells.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Likes I Used to Hate

Growing up, there were so many things (mostly brought on by my parents) I couldn't stand, but I've come around to enjoy.

1.) The Christmas Music Station - 97.1 in DC. Listening to Christmas music in the car drove me crazy, and queued eye-rolling and slumping in my seat. Today I can't get enough of the station. I even have my favorites, anything off the Beach Boys Christmas Album is auditory delight.

2.) Diet Soda - Or cola, as it was at the time. Used to be unable to stomach it, now it is all I drink. I'll even pick up a 2-Liter of Diet Rite on occasion.

3.) Yogurt- I used to not be able to stand the texture, now it is an enjoyable breakfast or snack. Granted, yogurt has come leaps and bounds since the 80s (better flavor, more variety)but the Elmer's Glue viscosity still remains.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Wil Collins and Q School

The PGA Qualifying school is a study in expectations and agony, and makes for understated (and under appreciated) television drama.

Wil Collins was attempting to make the tour for the seventh time, and was 0 for 6 reaching the Final Stage of Q School. He is getting married in the spring and, presumably, would pursue another occupation if he were to miss qualifying. After four marginal rounds he was even placed in the course rotation for guys just looking to earn tour status in 2009. However, after the subsequent 35 holes of he had improved his position to -19, on the number, to qualify for the PGA.

His 90th hole was the 2nd toughest on the Nicklaus Course, 460 yard par 4 with a water hazard hugging the right side of the fairway, through the green, and rough/mounding on the left. Needing a par to reach the PGA, Collins tentatively pulled his drive left, where it parried left off the mounds, to a blind shot to the green. He elected to lay up to @ 150 yards for his 3rd, and, into the sun, put his approach 20 feet under the hole. Needing a one-putt to secure his Card, is putt broke 14 inches to the right, and on its last rotation settled into the cup. Par. PGA. While his caddie was overcome with emotion, Wil smiled, handed him his putter, and walked off the green to sign his card. Why revel in the biggest golf shot of your life?

Few stories are written about PGA Qualifying School, and fewer still on guys who earn their tour card on the number. In 2009 Wil Collins will be walking the fairways of the PGA Tour, with my support.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Your 2009 Masters Champion

Won in a playoff over Robert Karlsson, Henrik Stenson. Is there a golfer on the planet playing better?

Why is it I think Stenson is about 6'5"? Probably for the same reason(s) I think Michael Turner is 6'4".

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Virginia v. Minnesota

Good effort, albeit in a loss, for UVA tonight. Despite the inability to quickly rotate on defense, I am cautiously optimistic. Granted, not this year, but for the next two. If I am Leitao, I start Landesberg (3), Zeglinski (1), Sene (5)(freshman), Farrakhan (2), and Scott (4) (sophomore). The lineup is going to be fluid throughout the season, with Baker and Jones getting major minutes, but I'd like to see Diane buried on the bench.

I love USC relinquishing a timeout to wear their red jerseys, and UCLA offering up one of their own for fairness. I'd like to see UCLA develop for a Neuheisel/Carrol rivalry, but good stuff.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tough Two Week Stretch...

...for my beloved Redskins. They definitely need to win one of the two games, between today v. NYG and next weekend @ BAL. The BAL game is 8:15, and, having been to M&T Stadium, it will be like Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. The post apocalyptic scene will actually benefit DC on account of fans quick to turn on Flacco, or to out of their minds to even make it to the game.

Thank goodness for television, you couldn't entice me to attend the game with free tickets, parking, and a flame-thrower.

Regarding the Redskins schedule, my predictions swing on a weekly basis, which is unsettling, considering it is Week 13. Having 3 of the final 4 games on the road is unfortunate, but they play better on the road. A win today wouldn't have me thinking 11-5, like most would, but 10-6, which would be enough to put us over the hump. A loss won't bring the exaggerated doom predictions either. If we are 7-5 after today, I predict 9.5 - 6.5, which puts us on the bubble for the playoffs. Add to the equation a loss to Portis would be devastating, and we also need to keep Springs spry enough to play. Neither are practicing during the week, I put the chances @ 30% for both to occur over the next five weeks.

Wow, that was a frustrating paragraph to type.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

GM and WS

Must reads:

General Motors

Michael Lewis on Wall Street

Saturday, November 22, 2008


I've gained respect, over time, for Bernhard Langer. At 50+ he is competitive on both the Senior and regular Tours (T3 heading to Sunday on the Euro Tour USB Honk Kong Open, in a playoff at the Byron Nelson two years ago), was a great Ryder Cup Captain, and has overcome adversity throughout his career. I despised Langer in the mid-80's, and couldn't have been happier to see him lose the Ryder Cup at Kiawah. In retrospect, I was dealing from a 32 card deck, as Langer has endured well documented putting woes to maintain consistency and be a true ambassador to the game. I look forward to watching him tomorrow morning, safe in the knowledge win or lose, he is a gentleman of the game.

Two Masters titles is also pretty nice.

Monday, November 17, 2008

What I Like

Today I like -

The evolution of 'She Talks to Angels'. Now a lesson in brevity, every note & instrument in the song serves a purpose, yet leaves great leverage for the voice and deliver of Chris Robinson. Sublime.

UVa 107 - VMI 97. RPI helper? Mike Scott 28/18 (10 offensive), Sylven Landesberg 26/8/8 in his college debut. UVA favoring youth over resume/tenure, and hopefully starting 4 Fr/So as the season evolves (Ladesberg, Zeglinski, Scott, Jones).

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tuesday Nuggets

Listening to Cowherd on the commute to the office, and he makes a salient point how athletes take steroids not to win, but for the money (extended & exaggerated contracts). Until infractions receive fiscal penalties, athletes will continue to use steroids. I can't imagine the difficulty passing measure requiring the contracts of those found guilty of using steroids to be null & void. Rather, potential remove the year of largest value from the contract? Retract a % of the signing bonus? Or, write the penalty into the language of the contract before it is signed?

Need to get back into the Capitals. Lately, great sports team in DC is an anomaly, I need to enjoy.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

PGA Tour 2009

The 2008 PGA Season concluded today, and I already cannot wait until 2009, for many reasons. Today's reason: some serious talent is matriculating from the Nationwide Tour. Quite a few recognizable golfers from their Amateur exploits.

Colt Knost
Casey Wittenburg
Peter Tomasulo
Spencer Levin
Ricky Barnes
Bryce Molder

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Official Thoughts

Another blog worth checking out.

Not Again!

Today's lunch discussion revolved around Halloween, how it should be assigned to the last Friday in October, not the 31st, and the worst Halloween offerings, in lieu of candy.

4. Apple(s) - I hope your house doesn't have windows.
3. Raisins - Why did I waste my time walking up your driveway?
2. Mott's Applesauce - I guess if I come back next year, you'll give me the spoon with which to eat it, it will still be 'fresh'.
1. Roll of pennies - You may want to wear rec. specs and overalls the next time you mow the lawn, to mitigate the copper shower you are going to receive.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

Nine Things at Once

I have come to the realization my attention span shrinks as I get older, especially at work. I will literally leave something mid-sentence to attend to another matter. What is scary is I do it sub-consciously, making it what I consider to be the norm.

Any suggestions on how I can alter my behavior to be less skittish, more analog, more relaxed? Completing this post in one shot was a start.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


An exhausting weekend spent in Charlottesville for the PDT 135th Anniversary. Gorgeous weather, a UVA win, and a great round of golf at Spring Creek. I cannot remember playing a course with perfect conditions, but it was extremely close. Additionally, nice to see ZJ pick up a PGA Tour victory. A very gutsy golfer, won with a birdie on the last hole.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ryder Cup Champions

I am extremely proud of Team USA. Great golf was played over the last three days. Boo Weekley's personality was infectious. Azinger couldn't have been a better captain, his decisions were prescient. Who should be captain in 2010? To steal a quote from Herm Edwards, 'you play to win the game', and PA should be awarded another two years at the helm. I was wowed by the game and tenacity of Anthony Kim and the quiet (unnoticed) courage by Ben Curtis and Chad Campbell. Curtis had an awful Friday, unbelievably played again on Saturday, and found his game Sunday, when it counted. BC and CC had to wait, and watch the matches transpire, before teeing off. CC realized he would need a rock-solid game to upset Harrington, and he held serve.

Congrats Team USA. Well done.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ryder Cup

15-13 USA. Get it done.

Anthony Kim dropkicks Sergio back to Europe.

JB does a shot of JD on the first tee. Perry plays Friday in overalls.

Justin Leonard is the quiet assassin.

Stricker and Mahan strike gold as a team.

Cink leads team USA in points.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sunday Perks

European Tour mornings. Keep your head up Rory McIlroy, you'll have many victories in your career.

After a short miss by McIlroy, the best quote of the professional golf year,

'You can't put an old head on young shoulders.'

Friday, September 05, 2008

Back on the Horse

Picks for this week's BMW...for some reason I am feeling youth, and maybe someone making a push for the Tour Championship.

Anthony Kim
Camilo Villegas
Aaron Baddeley

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Ryder Cup Captain's Picks

In increasing order of excellence:

Hunter Mahan - Trashed the RC, although he's never played. European bulletin board material. C-

Chad Campbell - Isn't Valhalla long and undulated? Why choose a player with a low ball fight? Does Valhalla get windy? Does he get along with any other Tour players? C

Steve Stricker - Swing holds up under pressure. Does he have the length for Valhalla? B

JB Holmes - Game is suited to match play and Valhalla. I envision him bombing it by Euros all day. B+

Azinger's picks - Lukewarm picks, but very little to work with. Glad he passed on Verplank and Austin. Overall - B.

Had I been picking? Stricker, O'Hair (solid all around game), Zach Johnson (pairs well with a longer/erratic hitter, aka Mickelson/Holmes), Holmes.


I just got off a call with my work service desk, located in India, and the technician punctuated the call with a 'Badabing!'. I was impressed. I didn't realize The Sopranos reached around the world.

2008 UVA football is going to be an uphill climb.

Amazing how quickly the summer passed, but I look forward to some cooler mornings, and a few golf rounds in the 60s/70s. Played yesterday and it was close to 90', which was a difficult round to walk. I walked way too few rounds in 2008, need to hoof it more next year.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Olympics - US Women's All Around

The US women are getting hosed. I couldn't agree more with the Michael Wilbon sentiment that he doesn't follow subjective sports which are judged (gymanstics, figure skating). Smells like home cooking for China, the type normally reserved for UNC basketball.

Watching the women on the beam reminds me of Deiter (Mike Myers) from Sprockets.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Bittersweet / Olympics

The day after the PGA is always bittersweet, another eight months of winter before a Major.

Last night's 4x100 men's freestyle relay was A+ television. An unbelievable event and great start to the competition. Two days in and we've seen;

USA v. China
Phelps with two WR, both shattering the prior benchmark.


Speaking of USA basketball, I've bought into their teamwork and excitement/engagement in the Olympics. A far cry from previous teams, who stayed at off-site hotels and only showed up for the tournament. Kobe and Kidd at beach volleyball would not have happened in the past.

For me to buy into Team USA, it means two things:

1.) I am endorsing/supporting the attitude Mike Krzyzewski has instilled in the team.
2.) I am letting the excitement and joy of Kobe/others override the thought the effort is entirely PR-driven, to establish a Chinese bulkhead.

Elsewhere, Padraig Harrington is Player of the Year. Tiger judges himself by Major wins, and the tally on the year was 2-1 with an equal winning percentage.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


2007 Open
2008 PGA

For every fist clench, snarl, and flippant post-round handshake he delivers, it is really enjoyable to watch Sergio Garcia lose to Padraig Harrington. Post round interview is more gracious than the norm, but he still is bemoaning the lie PH got on 18.

Harrington is such a good guy, a great win, a great PGA champion.

Post script: my picks were atrocious, I need a stint in the minors before the Mercedes rolls around. Nationwide and Skins Game picks coming soon!

Post post script: JB goes Art Monk!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Come On...

Will one of the 20somethings on the PGA Tour please sack up and put themselves in contention at a Major? Of the young guns at the top of the leaderboard halfway through Friday, the two with the best chance are Baddeley and Rose, with Casey as a dark horse.

Thursday, August 07, 2008


My picks for the PGA, mixed up by picking a favorite (gold), a middling pick (silver), and a longshot (bronze). Please enjoy the Olympic theme.

Gold - Jim Furyk, Oakland Hills has tight fairways, overgrown rough, and diabolical greens. Check, check, check.

Silver - Angel Cabrera, the OH setup reminds me of 2007 Oakmont.

Bronze - Nick Dougherty

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Sally Jenkins of the WP has been spot on in her assessment(s) of the Olympics in Beijing.

Today she writes about the revocation of Joey Cheek's visa.

Write on, Sally.

Friday, August 01, 2008

The Washington Nationals

Aside from sports, does any other industry exist where the quality of the product can decrease, yet the price increases? After attending last night's game, I can safely assess the state of the Nats franchise as atrocious. The team has no talent, and doesn't attempt to overcome the talent deficit by playing fundamental baseball. On separate occasions mental breakdowns led to runs for the Phillies; breakdowns a 13 year old wouldn't make.

The 2B or P not covering 1st on a bunt to the right side of the infield.

The 1B calling for a throw from the C on a dribbled ball in foul territory.

The P getting out of the way of a popup, so it can be fielded by the 3B, with the result being an unnecessary collision.

There is no way I'll be paying for Nats tickets until I see an improved product on the field. The stadium 'perks' (i.e. 'the homage to drinking', with a massive bar behind CF) don't overcome the shortfalls.

Last night's game should lead to the firing of Manny Acta, I'd be shocked if it didn't.

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Death of 980

The British Open can't be summed up any better than Steve Czaban's synopsis. Sadly, I won't be able to hear the recap on the morning commute any longer, as SportsTalk 980 became ESPN980 today. Instead I got the worthless, self-aggrandizing diatribe of Mike & Mike. I don't know of one person who enjoys M&M. In addtion, Doc Walker was moved to 12-2 and paired with Kevin Sheehan (???). DC sports radio now sucks.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Enjoy the Ride

Really enjoying watching Greg Norman remain in contention at the British Open. Somewhat bittersweet to realize it (likely) will never happen again. I'm enjoying each hole like a chapter in a book, relishing each simply, for what it is.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy 60th, Dad

I just got off the phone with my Father, who, in the midst of a golf trip, was finishing his 36th hole of the day.

The perfect way to celebrate your 60th birthday.

Funny, I clearly remember the party for his 40th.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The 2008 Open

The most enjoyable tournament of the year. The non-Tiger low-key lead up to the tournament has been refreshing.


Honorable Mention - Paul Casey (he's got a mid-60s round in him)
3 - Geoff Ogilvy
2 - Justin Leonard
1 - Lee Westwood

Monday, July 14, 2008

Don't Bother

Recently sampled the 'Southern Style' chicken sandwich at McDonalds. I would have guessed, in an effort to compete against Chik-Fil-A, they would create something which differed significantly from what CFA has nailed down. Sadly, they went for a replica, which falls woefully short. The chicken is neither plump or juicy, rather, it is a thin patty with as much crust as chicken. Missing is the CFA chicken 'shape irregularities', which hint the food came from a real animal. The McD version is uniform and bland, in addition to being over-fried. The biscuit is an attempted carbon copy of CFA, which does nothing to enhance the chicken.

I'm sticking to the old standby of bacon, egg, and cheese.

Monday, July 07, 2008

4th and more

Had a great weekend for the 4th, split between DC, Charlottesville, and the golf course. Finally saw the Black Crowes (in Charlottesville) and it exceeded expectations, 'Seeing Things' live is amazing.

One of my few thoughts regarding the NBA was Chicago was stupid to pass on Beasley, and after the first summer game I am 1-for-(exhibition)1.

AK at Congressional a good tune-up for Birkdale? May not be a bad thought.


- encore -

Monday, June 23, 2008


- The Shaq freestyle (Kobe call out) makes me smile.

- Barry Melrose as the Tampa Bay Lightening coach? I would have guessed he'd be more likely to cameo in a Will Ferrell movie. I may pay (minimal) attention to hockey.

- Yes, I watch Nashville Star.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The 2008 US Open - Torrey Pines

- Love the opening 9 (back) from Justin Hicks, zero pars! Turns in 33.

- Good to see Owen Wilson has recovered from his suicide attempt, -2 thru 11.

- BIG fan of US Open in prime time. Something with meaning, rather than the 'Shootout at Sherwood'.

Little late for picks, but sources can verify I predicted Steve Stricker.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

RIP Jim McKay and George Garrett

While Jim McKay hasn't broadcast sporting events recently, his passing is very sad, as his voice (along with a few others, notable Keith Jackson and Ken Venturi) was a voice I distinctly remember while watching sports growing up. Wide World of Sports was always an enjoyable break from morning sports and a late afternoon spent at the pool.

On a more personal note, the passing of George Garrett was especially sad. I had the pleasure of taking multiple Garrett classes at UVA, which were one day a week, and consisted of Mr. Garrett delivering an extended monologue about time spent with the likes of Martin Landau and other contemporaries. Class normally fell on a Wednesday afternoon, and we'd pick up large Cokes and split a fifth three ways to enjoy the class, which he absolutely loved. I made a few trips to his faculty office, and the case of Scotch next to his desk always brought a wry smile to my face. Easily my favorite (and one of the few remembered) professors at UVA, he will be missed.

Also -

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Did the final 3 count?

The SV 3 at the buzzer in the Lakers game pushes the final score to 8 in a game with a 7.5 point spread.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

English Language Additions

Two additional words for the English language:

Divershit - n. - To excuse oneself from work to discreetly partake in an enjoyable activity (reading a newspaper article, playing a game on the phone, etc.).

Villainteer - n. - 1. The act of participating in an event/activity due to peer pressure. 2. Being forced to participate in an event/activity because for which you signed up in advance, forgot about, and had to be reminded.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

$hit Cup 2008

Last weekend seven friends from college and I converged on Williamsburg for the playing of the 2008 $hit Cup. What is it? A match-play style format (five rounds) awarding a ca$h prize for the best overall match record (rotation of partners/opponents), and the $hit Cup for last. I strongly suggest Williamsburg for a golf trip, as we were able to play two courses at Kingsmill, two at the Golden Horseshoe, and Stonehouse on Sunday. Stayed a few miles from the courses and had easy access to Colonial Williamsburg for post-round festivities.

Scores? Friday 78 (w/front 9 35)-82
Saturday 83-87
Sunday 87, easily the worst putting round of my life

Overall match record 1-2-2, missing being a $hit Cup recipient by 1/2 point. Was able to gut our a Sunday half and propel my partner to the title (while avoiding the $C). Hard to believe of 10 matches, 4 were halved. Very close competition. Shoot me an email if anyone wants the complete spreadsheet, which is impressive.

Monday, May 05, 2008


So, the Redskins just took 2WR and a TE (who can't wake up to an alarm)in the 2nd round of the NFL draft. Assuming all three make the team (later Reche Caldwell and Keen McCardell), three of the top six targets on offense are going to be rookies, who will be on the receiving end of passes from a QB coming off injury, behind a suspect OL. Meanwhile, a team thinning and aging at LB and OL does little to bolster the respective corps.

I have my fingers crossed for a 'Fun Bunch' type resurrection, but put the chances in 2008 at 10%. Isn't inserting three R on offense a signal of a franchise in the stages of rebuilding?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


...either I am an idiot, or the Caps / Flyers Game 7 is blacked out in DC.

Playoff hockey, catch the fever!

Friday, April 18, 2008

The 2008 Masters

I’ve been dying to write this post for years.

I (finally) had the opportunity attend The Masters. My father was able to procure teickets from a family friend and I was in attendance for the Thursday and Friday rounds. My thoughts and impressions of the event can be easily grouped.

The Course/Experience:

Having been following the Masters for @ 20 years to actually attend the event is a great experience. The course is amazing, but not for its jaw dropping beauty, but its jaw dropping elevation changes and subtle nuances. TV does not do justice to the elevation of the course; multiply what you see on TV by 2.5.

In regards to the course, a few of the subtle challenges:

2 – What a fantastic strategic 5 par. Requires a draw off the tee and a fade to hold the green and puts a greater premium on shot making than brute strength.

Amen Corner – We chose to walk to Amen Corner early on Friday, breakfast in hand, to survey the holes when there were few patrons around. Quite the sight. Went back both days to watch a few shots (many on 11/12) but found the solitary viewing to be more enjoyable.

13 – The landing area on 13 is amazingly miniscule. To get in a position to reach the green you must essentially launch a draw that lands blind.

15 – From 80 yards off the tee, the fairway appears wide and appealing, but once walking back to the tee, the subtle upslope impairs any view of the fairway, making the tee shot blind (and more difficult).


After walking the front nine early on Thursday, we walked to our seats on 16 to watch a few groups, have lunch, and return to walking. Upon reaching the green, the pin was not in its normal position, rather in the lower left collection area by the front of the trap. I told my Dad, “we may want to watch all the groups come through, as we could possibly see a hole-in-one”, Poulter was in the 3rd group, and it was an amazing experience.

Just as amazing, his playing partner, Mark O’Meara, went 2-2 on Thursday/Friday and wasn’t low score in his group (Poulter went 1-2). Kuehene played the hole in 8 (with a Friday shank, almost hitting the 15 grandstand, leading to a 5).

Heard ‘Fore please, Ben Crenshaw now teeing off.’ Gentle Ben proceeded to hit a 230 yard hook into the trees.

Paul Casey hits a long ball. Was in a pairing with Goosen and Scott and was easily out driving both. I was shocked he collapsed on Sunday.

Boo Weekley, after parring the 7th on Friday, threw in the biggest lipper imaginable.


On Thursday, after power-walking to set up our chairs at 16, we settled on 3 to watch the tee shots and approach into the shallow green, pin tucked on the left. One of the earlier groups was Mark O’Meara, Ian Poulter, and Trip Kuehene. A couple approached us on the rope and started to ask about who had come through, the hole, etc. (normal to start conversations with bystanders @ the Masters). The guy was wearing a tee shirt and Capri black jeans, with a large goatee and bug-eye shades, not golf attire. After a few minutes of conversation it dawns on me he’s Hank Kuehene, following Trip, and joined by his girlfriend, Venus Williams. We talked a bit about his game and the need for improvement, and I wished her a quick recovery and luck in upcoming tournaments. Very gracious/nice couple.

To reference prior Poulter hole-in-one story, while celebrating, I look towards the green, and five seats over, high fiving with his buddies, the Ole’ Ball Coach, Steve Spurrier.

Watching shots into 11 on Thursday, found myself next to/conversing with a ‘true Southern gentleman’ in his early 70s. After a good approach I commented, ‘wow, he made that look easy.” His quip? (in Southern drawl) ‘Just as easy as counting your money.’

On Friday, found a great perch behind the 7 green patron seats with an unobstructed view of 7 and the tees @ 3 & 8. Asked the patron in the seat I was behind how the hole had been playing and got a quick recap from Bo Ryan, said patron.


Attending the Masters was an A+. I really enjoyed viewing the holes before they received their daily play, and being able to watch the event in the future, and knowing how the holes align on the course (i.e. how from the 7 green you can watch groups tee off on 3 and 8).

Friday, April 04, 2008

Flashback / Dig

Listening to Pandora while doing work and heard 'Saint Stephen', which I probably haven't heard in 9 years. Really took me back to my college days.

Other songs transporting me back to Grounds:

Anything off Three Snakes and One Charm - Black Crowes (first week of first year)
Little Black backpack
Anything by the Pharcyde
Yellow Ledbetter

On a related note, I've often assailed 1990's music, which I would rate 'mediocre' but to this day one of my favorite albums is the self-titled Dig album. It is worth $5 if you've never heard.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Sunday, March 30, 2008


...and need to be put to rest:

People toting NCAA brackets in public. It is the equivalent of an adult bringing his mitt to a professional baseball game.

Amy Nelson as a reporter. Her Washington Nats piece is horrible.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Few Rattlers

A few things bouncing around in my head.

I had a great time at the NCAA games at the Verizon Center (Purdue, X, Duke, WVU). Got our tickets (great seats) through a WVU connection (someone from Stafford having a WVU connection, who knew?). great to see WVU fans wearing overalls to the game. It was disappointing we saw no upsets, but wouldn't be surprised if WVU beats Xavier. I need another 48 hours of Huggy Bear jokes. Really impressed by Purdue basketball, with an extremely young team. With a taste of the tournament in 2008 I expect big things next year. Before I heard Drew Lavender was on a bad wheel, I was perplexed how a 5'8" guard couldn't shoot. Funny/sad episode between sessions, watching adults binge drink at Clyde's. Many were perturbed the Verizon Center wasn't serving, but can you imagine being able to drink for 12 straight hours? The place would have resembled Thriller.

Recent musical rota - old Whiskeytown, The Rentals, the new Crowes.

I have no idea why (Glenn) Doc Walker is nicknamed Doc. I must get to the bottom of this.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Like Uncle Eddie said...


You're telling me the Belmont band doesn't know 'Thank God I'm a Country Boy'? It would have turned Verizon upside down.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The site is self-explanatory. It is endorsed and supported by the NCAA (who takes a 17% commission on sales).

Just another avenue to make money...for the NCAA.

NCAA Brackets

Considering I've been completing NCAA brackets for twenty years, I figured I'd bestow some knowledge on the many variations of ways to complete. There is a huge difference between intent and commitment.

1.) Favorites bracket - Hearing 'chalk' annoys me to no end. The Favorites bracket avoids any true upsets, and predicts a boring Final 4.

2.) 'Satisfaction' bracket - The most widely known story in rock 'n roll is how Keith Richards found the opening chords to Satisfaction from a recorded session months earlier, when he was in a stupor and too slammed to initially remember. The Satisfaction bracket turns chaos into a symphony, with the favorites emerging from a first weekend with many upsets and triumphant lower seeds.

3.) Poison pill/Godzilla bracket - A bracket crafted of the finest porcelain, gorgeous, but once something unexpected happens (early loss of a team expected to dominate, misjudging the strength of a conference in the tournament) the firing sequence is immediately launched. Bridges collapse, buildings implode, Godzilla chases the population down city streets.

4.) Moonwalk bracket - When you know who you want in the Final Four, and work your way backwards through the bracket.

5.) Homer Simpson Meteor bracket - Loosely based on 'The Simpsons' episode, where Homer was the only resident of Springfield who correctly predicted an incoming satellite would burn up in the atmosphere and be harmless to the town, having a hunch that plays out to fruition, against the common sentiment. My last almost-HSMB was when a Salim Stoudamire led Arizona team lost to Deron William's Illinois team in the Great Eight, squandering ten points in 3 1/2 minutes. Like Homer, I was poked in the eye by the pebble/meteor.

6.) Beat UVA bracket - Going long on teams who have beaten UVA in the calendar year (Tennessee anyone?).

I strongly suggest completing brackets by following multiple disciplines.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Very excited for the NCAA games in Washington DC. Not overly enthused Duke is the 2, but Belmont, having made the tournament for three straight years, may make it interesting. I am looking forward to:

1. WVU v. Arizona
2. Watching Purdue play
3. Drew Lavender

4. Not being surprised when Georgetown loses to Davidson.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Great Move

I am appalled by the Clemson (Tommy Bowden) decision to give Ray Ray McElrathbey his walking papers. Further proving college football is a business, and not interested in advancing the academic prospects of student athletes.

I truly miss the days of George Welsh at Virginia. Admittedly, Groh has his shortcomings, namely ensuring proper academic support to his players, but his approach to coaching/player development far surpasses the Bowden antics.

Monday, March 10, 2008


I could write for days on the respect I have for Sean Singletary; I am grateful for his contributions to the UVA basketball program and his general character.

Feb. 19th 2005, I remember sitting in a hotel room in West Palm Beach, screen door open to catch the breeze from the ocean and enjoy an escape from DC for President's Day weekend. UVA v. UMD, not expecting much, but was blown away by the competitiveness, aggressiveness, and overall demeanor of #44. He abused John Gilchrist with an array of moves and misdirections. Unfortunately, his efforts extended the game for 10 minutes, but couldn't produce the win.

A win on Senior Night over Maryland and surpassing 2000 points was deserving closure on a season which didn't meet UVA expectations. The team was plagued with countless frontcourt injuries. Lacking support, #44 drove recklessly to the hoop (innately) and found the floor more than he found the foul line. He's got a short memory, as it didn't stop him, or temper his game instincts.

Funny how my most vivid memories of #44 come in losses (2005 UMD, 2007 NCAA v. UT, and his subsequent collapse on the court). #44 is a competitor who will be missed at UVA, and a departing cause for celebration throughout the ACC.

Thank you #44.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Twice As Hard

Did a quick review of the top 100 songs of the 1990s. The Black Crowes are the ONLY good band to emerge from the decade. The only other band I consider 'good' is Alice in Chains, who crumbled with the unfortunate passing on Layne Staley. AIC may be the most underrated band of all time.

Still chewing on 'Warpaint', the new Crowes album. Some songs are great, but the band/album is hurt by their virtuoso live performances. Songs with potential to be amazing live are too tight or too flat on the album.

Found Twice as Hard on Youtube. So funny to watch their early stuff. What was Chris Robinson on?

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


In all Honesty, it was a real shame to hear of Patrick Swayze's battle with pancreatic cancer. Patrick played a part in two of my favorite twenty-so movies, Dalton in Road House and Bodhi in Point Break, additionally, he participated in my favorite SNL skit of all time.

On a related note, a rarely seen Chris Farley video .

Friday, February 29, 2008

Top 10 Songs of the 1980s

The list has been a long time coming. My Top 10 Songs of the 1980s. The order is fluid, hence no numbering:

Alone - Heart
Let's Go Crazy - Prince
Who Can It Be Now - Men at Work
Photograph - Def Leppard
Paradise City - Guns N' Roses
Panama - Van Halen
Nothin' But a Good Time - Poison
Hungry Like the Wolf - Duran Duran
Livin' On a Prayer - Bon Jovi
The Power of Love - Huey Lewis

Honorable Mention:

Electric Avenue - Eddy Grant
Cruel Summer - Bananarama
The Warrior - Scandal
Hit Me with Your Best Shot - Pat Benetar

Under / Over

Underrated : Sebastian Bach, 'Comin' Under Fire' by Def Leppard, the Super Spinach burrito from Burrito Brothers.

Todays NY Times outlines the attacks the Republicans plan to wage against Obama during the election campaign. Obviously neither party will avoid stooping to scare tactics, but the fear and rhetoric of the Republicans is very disappointing. It is very easy to assail the change Obama constitutes, but if you review what he supports and what the Republicans are attacking, common sense renders many of his opinions/actions moot. He'd meet with Raul Castro? So what, what can come of a meeting. People are going to interpret any action/meeting from their own viewpoint, so as long as he can justify his actions, so be it. Licenses to illegals? Like they aren't driving anyway.

Would it be too difficult to move away from a platform of scare tactics, propaganda, and manipulation?

Happy Leap Day! Happy Leap Day Birthday to Cary Conklin, Antonio Sabato Jr., and Chucky Brown.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

RIP - Myron Cope

Rest in peace Myron Cope. The passing of the iconic broadcaster brings back many fond memories of trips to Pittsburgh to see relatives over Christmas break, listening to Cope and the Steelers on the radio. Cope was pure and true Pittsburgh. His voice was a treat, and always good for a laugh and smile. Yoi and double yoi!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Odds and Ends

Stumbled across the Oklahoma State promotional video for their football stadium and facility upgrades. Yawn. As stadium upgrades have devolved into an arms race, I am surprised no school escapes from the well-beaten incremental path of bigger, louder, more expensive and creates a truly memorable experience. Instead of watching an MTV Cribs episode for the latest and greatest, it would be memorable to to anything considered different. Instead of solely focusing on sport and school, it would be interesting to incorporate non-linear aspects like nutrition, art/science, and non-traditional athletics. I'd love to see a facility with a wave pool/lazy river and a video conference room with regularly scheduled meetings with business leaders.

Walter Reed has hired Disney to improve its service interactions. I applaud their efforts, but they stop extremely short. How many employees are going to fall back on conference lessons-learned a day/week/year from now? They need to train, track, and provide feedback to create true value. The fly-in conference method is worthless.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Much Ado About Nothing

I was glad to read how the US Navy had no problem shooting down the dangerous satellite fuel tank orbiting earth. I could harp on the money wasted on the satellite, the firing exercise, and the PR efforts required to address shooting down the satellite, which are all legitimate, but a well-worn path. With the number of satellites and paraphernalia circling the earth thank goodness we don't come into contact with other life forms. I'd be embarrassed. Earth must look like a Mississippi front yard, cluttered with satellites and junk, much like a trailer encircled with rusted cars on cinder blocks and tattered weight benches.

Watched a recap of the Accenture Match Play. JB Holmes was shell shocked after his loss to TW, which was a fantastic match. Aside from his heroics, I don't see Tiger winning the event. I predict a Stenson repeat.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Top 5 - Black Crowes

I'm stoked for the new Black Crowes album, and summer tour. In honor, my top five studio tracks. I do not take into account any song performed live (which would produce an entirely different list).

5. Remedy
4. Sister Luck
3. Cursed Diamond
2. Hotel Illness
1. Twice as Hard

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Two days...

Until Grace Potter at 930.

Multiple shows (check)
On both coasts (DC and SF) (check)
30+ (check)

I've reached 'creep' status.

Looking forward to weekend sports:

3. Don't call it the Nissan Northern Trust Open (I need a bounceback from the diminutive Canadian)

2. NBA All Star Game

1. Daytona 500 - Two words, Kurt Busch

Monday, February 11, 2008

The Casual Fan

Considering how UVA basketball (and athletics, in general) has been a complete letdown in 2008, I found myself deeply engaged in the Clemson/UNC game last night. Being a 'casual fan' of other ACC teams (essentially, close and competitive games) my small piece of knowledge, and the ability to root candidly and honestly, makes me extremely dangerous.

1.) I wanted UNC to win (60/40) because:
c. Clemson losing after having a 15 pt. 2nd half lead would be soul-crushing
b. 0-53 sounds has a greater stigma than 1-52
a. I didn't want UVA to encounter a poked hornets nest UNC squad on Tuesday, after a monumental loss to the Tigers

2.) I expressed minor (40/60) sentiment for Clemson because;
b. A win in Chapel Hill would have unleashed celebration hysterics worth watching (a moot point, as the game was quickly cut-away to get to Wizzz)
a. The referees were handing the game to UNC (+20 FT discrepancy)

99% of fans would claim it is weak to weigh allegiances during a game, but it is certainly a phenomena we've all experienced. Who hasn't. Fandom, in neutral games, shouldn't be a binary endeavor. No shame should come from weighing the options. If I'm stuck in traffic, I'll opt for an alternative route, sacrificing a scenic drive to expedite my commute.


1. Great golf at the AT&T. The escape from the bunker by Steve Lowery on 9 was (presumably) the best shot I'll see all year. It was eclipsed by Vijay Singh in the next pairing. Really enjoyed watching SL win the tournament, always good for a journeyman pro, but SL in contention = excitement.

2. PGA Tour wonks are quick to quip the Tour's elite (save Tiger) are failing to win tournaments in 2008, which is extremely near sighted. Credit should be given to the actual winners, which include a 31 by Tiger over the final 9 holes (Dubai), a -10 thru 15 hole stretch and birdie in the playoff by SL, and 350 yard drives and birdie-birdie finish by JB Holmes at the FBR. Great start to the 2008 season.

3. Missed a chance to see Obama speak at TC Williams HS down the street. Very disappointed.

Friday, January 25, 2008


Maybe it is because I am turning 30, but the whole aging thing culminated in a phone call/visit to the optometrist yesterday (Thursday). I had my initial visit last Friday (after a three year hiatus) when the prognosis was, essentially "how are you driving with your current prescription". Lo and behold, I ordered a new pair of glasses, and was to have my old pair refitted with new lenses. Ironed out the details, new glasses to arrive in February, new lenses for old glasses ASAP, and a quick switch-out.

The details I glossed over were that I chose transition lenses. Upside, great for outdoor activities (golf). Downside...uhhh every other idea imaginable. Not 10 seconds after having the new lenses, and having them UV'ed to dark, I looked like a complete Communist dictator. I literally shuddered on the way to the car, and it hasn't gotten better since.

TLs are crazy, as they were put into my old/normal glasses. They don't put TLs in sunglasses, so you don't walk around like your looking for a racquetball game 24/7. But honestly, if I fell for clear TLs in sunglasses, I'd be an aviator cap away from being the weirdo in 'A Christmas Story'.

You know what sucks about TLs? Unlike the original commercial (pulled off the air), the 'transition' isn't immediate, aka, I walk to the client site, go to a meeting, and, since I can't shake them clean (like an Etch a Sketch) I look like Elton 'effing John. It is tough to garner respect when my clients are wondering if Saturday Night's Alright for Fightin'. So, my abhorration for TLs has led to me negotiating SE DC without glasses. I'm guessing this happens to everyone under 60 with TLs, a class action suit in the making.

On the bright side, I can go as Joe Gibbs for Halloween 2008.

Holy Smokes.

DBT and the Perfect (Non) Strike

Last night during one of our bowling league matches I saw the perfect ball rolled, and it didn't result in a strike. Bowling is such an interesting sport. My scores for three games had a range of 103.

New DBT 'Brighter Than Creation's Dark' came out Tuesday and is amazing. I considered it an early birthday gift.

Does MTV test for steroids on the 'Real World/Road Rules Challenge'? I can say with a high level of confidence they don't, or it would deplete the available pool of contestants. Seriously, the show has massive participants, who rage at the slightest sip of alcohol. It is a Clemens'esque broken bat throw away from a Congressional hearing.

Big 3-0 hits on Sunday. I've never been one to self-promote/draw attention, but I am looking very forward to celebrating and my thirties.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday Shots

- What ever happened to the screwdriver? It is rapidly becoming extinct. I can't remember the last piece of furniture/cabinet I purchased that wasn't assembled with an allen wrench.

- How many times has George W. Bush made his bed in his life? Less than 5?

- That sound you heard was UVA athletics imploding. It wasn't too audible.

- Got a Cutter and Buck catalog in the mail yesterday. Holy $hit, they are still making the exact same line from 1994. I suggest ordering a copy, it is hilarious.

- Glad the brothers Zahn joined our PGA pool. I can't wait to see the response when he realizes Buckmir doesn't charge himself $100 for his admin duties, although he probably makes $500 a year riding the carry.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Obama Edwards Coalition

Although I rarely turn my attention to politics, I was both amused and annoyed by the WP recap of the Democratic New Hampshire debate . The campaign being run by Hillary is wholly robotic, and an analogy can be easily drawn to sports, where a favorite alters their game plan (increased attacks, more informal during stumping) based on the performance of an upstart. Her robotic nature led to baited repartee over universal health care and a required mandate for children's health care. Her continued rallying cry to review experience I render out of scope, because the Presidency requires skills surpassing any other elected position. Personally, I favor the Obama/Edwards emotive credibility, to augment their base of experience. Every candidate has experience, but not Presidential experience, so addressing experience is a non-factor.

Do I know today who I am voting for in November? No. I also realize no candidate (Democrat or Republican) will be the perfect ideological match, and will vote for a candidate who, while not supporting all of my personal beliefs, I consider to be the best choice for the office of Chief Executive. Campaigns and debates have the ability to highlight individual issues, individual records, when electing a President is a macro endeavor.

Saturday, January 05, 2008


If I were to ask if you know the definition 'Southern Hemisphere Hangover', would you?