Monday, June 23, 2008


- The Shaq freestyle (Kobe call out) makes me smile.

- Barry Melrose as the Tampa Bay Lightening coach? I would have guessed he'd be more likely to cameo in a Will Ferrell movie. I may pay (minimal) attention to hockey.

- Yes, I watch Nashville Star.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The 2008 US Open - Torrey Pines

- Love the opening 9 (back) from Justin Hicks, zero pars! Turns in 33.

- Good to see Owen Wilson has recovered from his suicide attempt, -2 thru 11.

- BIG fan of US Open in prime time. Something with meaning, rather than the 'Shootout at Sherwood'.

Little late for picks, but sources can verify I predicted Steve Stricker.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

RIP Jim McKay and George Garrett

While Jim McKay hasn't broadcast sporting events recently, his passing is very sad, as his voice (along with a few others, notable Keith Jackson and Ken Venturi) was a voice I distinctly remember while watching sports growing up. Wide World of Sports was always an enjoyable break from morning sports and a late afternoon spent at the pool.

On a more personal note, the passing of George Garrett was especially sad. I had the pleasure of taking multiple Garrett classes at UVA, which were one day a week, and consisted of Mr. Garrett delivering an extended monologue about time spent with the likes of Martin Landau and other contemporaries. Class normally fell on a Wednesday afternoon, and we'd pick up large Cokes and split a fifth three ways to enjoy the class, which he absolutely loved. I made a few trips to his faculty office, and the case of Scotch next to his desk always brought a wry smile to my face. Easily my favorite (and one of the few remembered) professors at UVA, he will be missed.

Also -