Thursday, April 26, 2007

Seattle & Stuff

I just returned from a business trip to Seattle. Very cool city, with the most gorgeous views I have ever seen. Anywhere on 1st - 6th ST has a fantastic view of the bay/harbour. Had no idea of the hilliness of the city. Had work on the other side of the water, so both took the ferry and made the drive, both were good. Bainbridge, on the other side of the bay, is a gorgeous small town. Very entrepreneurial spirit to the city, and enjoyed walking around, Pike's Market (good fresh doughnuts) and taking the Underground tour. I would defintely return, A- city (also little rain). Score could go either way, depending on the weather and casino I didn't have the opportunity to visit.

Flights were so-so, what gripes me is how airlines are now gouging on food for extra money. On a flight from SEA - WAS, no food was gratis, and the offerings were a breakfast quiche or a snack fack (consisting of freebies from various vendors) for $5. I purchased the SP, and it was a hodgepodge of crackers, applesauce, toffee, pita chips, and tuna. WTF? Also, shame on Alaska Air for a 'woe is me' article at the front of the magazine bemoaning how they have had to strip out their food service due to rising costs and competition. Guess what, that is the market you are in, get over it. God forbid you use good food as a differentiator, rather than an extra expense.

Less than a week from ACL surgery. Very anxious, not looking forward to rehab, but want to get it over with.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Yesterday, I volunteered to be a witness in a mock trial at GWU Law School. The experience was extremely valuable for a number of reasons:

1.) Being a consultant, most of the training I receive has one similarity, it is taught from the perspective of a consultant. I learned valuable information watching the trial lawyers exhibit multiple angles and options in an effor to convince a jury, and the importance of pairing mannerisms/gestures with the audio. A lawyer must envoke a sense of humanism with the jury. Similarly, much of my work deals with client presentations/pitches, and 99% involve delivering a PowerPoint presentation, and pitching to the wall. A level of connection with the jury/client is paramount.

2.) My unwavering faith in the American legal system was unsettled. After the trial, the judge, a DOJ lawyer, walked all who cared to stay through additional ways of appealing to a jury and selling a case. The ways were of value, but extremely cliche', to the extent of pandering. I question the balance of a case between a.)presenting the facts b.)connecting the dots between the facts, and making the jury understand (leading the horse to water and making him drink) and c.)compelling the jury. Option A must always carry the most weight, but it seems to be more of a plurality.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

For No Real Reason

Miserable day in DC, mid-40s and rainy. With the golf postponed, it is officially the slowest day ever.

To continue yesterday's post re:golf, you can support/hate a golfer for no legitimate reason, while 'just because' won't fly in team sports.

Golfers I like:
Vaughn Taylor (I enjoy the moniker Vaughn Wilder)
MA Jimenez' (great pronunciation options for last name) HIM EN ETH
Tim Clark
Darren Clarke (dropped out of WF the day after he was told to quit carousing)
Stuart Appleby
John Rollins (Richmond VA born and raised)

Golfers I dislike:
Rory Sabbatini
Justin Leonard
Sergio Garcia

Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Ebb and Tide

Watching The Masters last week put me in the mood to follow golf in 2007. With the miserable play of the Nationals, I'm not left with much of a choice. In light of the situation, I've decided to accentuate the positive.

Athletes in other sports don't have the longevity of golfers. While it seems like stating 1+1=2, it gives golfers the opportunity to experience multiple game improvements over their careers. Jose' Maria Olazabal couldn't walk after his first Masters victory, but rebounded to win a 2nd, and returned to the top of his game. Golfers may peak late in their careers (Hogan, Watson, etc.). While other sports have 'Comeback Player of the Year', once an athlete peaks and starts to fall, it is rare he can return to such a level of excellence. The career of a golfer does not follow the parabola of improvement/downfall typified in other sports. Career variation put different golfers in the hunt each week, and make stories out of mini-renaissance weeks, currently being experienced by Jerry Kelly.

Golfers don't often succumb to freak injury. The Nats lost two starters on Opening Day. If a golfer commits to a tournament, chances of injury are statistically insignificant.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Zero Sum

Great WP article on human tendencies (blinders).

As Alexandria prepares for a tourism boost caused by the opening of the National Harbor, a mega-convention center, the DC Convention Center has seen a decrease in bookings since its opening, less than three years ago. If I were to guess, there was no coordination between the two projects, as they are competing for the same clientele, and are located less than 10 miles away. Each effort commodotizes the other, leading to diminished profit margins for the ventures. Impacts to the surrounding areas, in terms of tourism and increased traffic, is difficult to quantify, but the biggest hit will be taken by each of the convention centers.

Watched @ 10 minutes of 'Thank God You're Here' last night. What I missed in the commercials and promos leading up to the premiere was the fact the show was passing of C/D list comedians as funny. There is a reason they are C/D list. I don't think I've seen a worse show. The fact that it aired at 9 and 10 last night will leave Heather Graham's sitcom with the distinction of the only show being cancelled after one episode.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Good, Funny, Great

On a cold Monday in DC:

Check out Mr. Bento. A seemingly good product, but the first review is the icing on the cake.

Ms. Ari Gold = Ms. Frank the Tank


Thursday, April 05, 2007

Please, Pretty Please?

The Masters is underway, and the leaderboard resembles the Open. The Masters is a long tournament, and 54 holes is a long way to go.

It came to my attention that my company has Phil Mickelson as a sponsor, we recently changed our logo to red, and Mickelson is still wearing black. The reasoning: Mickelson does not like wearing red.

So let me get this straight...we pay Mickelson an exorbinant amount of money, and he refuses to wear our new logo? He should have to wear a clown nose if we ask nicely.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A Tradition Unlike Any Other

Master's Week certainly slipped in under the radar. The Florida repeat/Greg Oden hype has completely overshadowed the Masters, in what has been a quiet year regarding PGA Tour coverage (maybe I just haven't been paying attention).

Despite my late attention to the Masters, I couldn't be more ready and excited. A number of favorites are playing good golf. In the next day I'll post the 3-5 guys I expect to play well (who aren't TW).