Saturday, June 30, 2007


- I hope I am never telling the future generations how I waited in line overnight for an iPhone, etc. Although I'd like to have one.

- Food of the week - Diamond Almonds, Smokehouse Flavor. Imagine the company PR/marketing thinking 'we need to make these nuts taste like beef jerkey'. Should be good after a long night of drinking.

- Went home and putted/chipped for a few hours today. So nice, although my legs got tired, and my feet got sunburnt (Reefs). I as startled that I tried putting with the Boccieri Heavy Putter, and had great success, which means either my short game is in the $hitter, or it has greatly improved over the last two months of putting in my guest room, and I can be successful with any putter (I am opting for the former).

- Saw a threesome make the turn. Two guys and a girl who had played at UNC were playing from the men's tees for money. She had turned in 36 and the guys had swings that would score in the low 90s. I am shocked I didn't see them walking up I95 on my way home. Why would they play for money when it was so obvious there were going to get crushed? But it kind of makes me want to get a game once my knee improves.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Days like today in DC, when it is balls hot, for some reason remind me of the summer of 1999, prior to my last year in college, when I stayed in Charlottesville for the summer. The majority of my friends also decided it would be a good summer of a few classes and a good hangout, which resulted in a powder keg of fun & debauchery.

I took one class each session, it was a 1230, and often had to have a friend crawl through the sliding door on our deck to wake me up, on his lunch break. I wore my saddle FJs 80% of the time in class, to be picked up @ 145 and head straight for Birdwood. Dinner was wagered for The Italian Villa or Taco Bell, followed by a shower (first of the day) @ 9 and a night out at Coupes. If we deviated from the standard plan and threw in a little off-speed, it would consist of a few Mad Dogs, corn whiskey, or a few games of gin before heading out. the RHCP seemed to be ever-present, and the summer dissolved when a good buddy who had graduated left mysteriously to start work in DC. We were perplexed.

Man, it was good times.

Monday, June 25, 2007


Had a fantastic time over the past weekend in NOLA for a wedding. Was able to catch up with a number of friends I had not seen in a while, and was able to do the touristy stuff I usually skip to play golf.

I spent a decent amount of time at Harrah's, which I would rate a C+. Dealers are friendlier than you find in AC (not a glowing endorsment), but are extremely sloppy/inexperienced. Cases in point:

1.) Dealers are easily rattled. Probably the friendliest dealer I had all weekend tried to pull my A-9 versus her Q-Q, and didn't pull my 6-7 versus 17 on the next hand. Additionally, I had to stop another dealer from pulling a blackjack from another person at the table.

2.) Very inconsistent dealer behavior. Many of the dealers rolled with the humor at the tables, but had one real clown insist on no cursing. WTF? I must have missed the church pews when I grabbed the Jack Daniels on the rocks and had someone blowing Kool smoke in my face.

3.) Overly friendly. The 'I'm really pulling for you' wince when I pull a face on 12, with an added, 'just one too high' doesn't make you my friend, especially after you pull the routine every time it happens.

But, as stated, great overall weekend. Second trip to NOLA in the last three months, both were fantastic.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

20 June Stuff

- I was intrigued to see Bloomberg opted to become an Independent. Recently I was wishing he would run for President over the existing Republican candidates. I am very fond of his history and work as a politician.

- Leaving for a wedding in NOLA tomorrow. Should be great times.

- Musically, been listening all over the place lately. A lot of Reckless Kelly, a lot of Dig - circa 1993. Like the few tracks I've heard from Icky Thump by the White Stripes, may need to pick up for the plane ride to NOLA.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ramblings and Questions

Ate dinner last night in Atlantic City. Arrived at the Tropicana 45 minutes before the reservation. At that point, is it worthwhile to run to the tables for 35 minutes (on a Friday night at 9:15pm) and jockey for a few quick games, or just say the heck with it? In a shock to myself I opted for relaxing before dinner. Blame it on the five hour drive that should have taken three (DC traffic).

Listening to the radio made me ponder bands I can't stand that other people love. Jumping to mind:

3. Beatles
1B. Police
1A. Eagles

Golf should prove to be interesting. Does Angel Cabrera have the mettle for the weekend? Read a good article in Golf on Cabrera before the year started, and his decision to primarily play the American tour (where has he been)? Is there another golfer as highly ranked in the world that we know so little about? He has the mystery of Jumbo Ozaki late 1980s. I know nothing about his game, but would guess he plays a slinging draw, and fights the hook.

Still riding the Toms wagon, but the US Open posse has been decimated.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

US Open Picks

I feel strongly TW wins, but my next three picks:

3. David Toms
2. Sean O'Hair
1. Henrik Stenson

Sunday, June 10, 2007

The French Open

Being a fan of sports, took the time to watch most of the French Open final, and Nadal smoke Federer. I am guessing Nadal no longer returns Sergio Garcia's phone calls. RN doesn't help his street cred by having Pau Gasol in his entourage. SG now officially has no Spanish following. I think Spain would accept a citzenship trade offer of Barry Bonds, with Carl Everett thrown in.

Had a great weekend being in the wedding of one of my best friends in DC. Going to be a long Sunday of recovery, but between tennis, golf, basketball, I should be able to keep myself placated.

Need to devote some attention to preparing for the US Open. Oakmont is my favorite course in the US, it is unfortunate I won't be able to attend. Will post my favorites either tonight or tomorrow. Is it time for another breakthrough (Adam Scott)? For some reason the name Sean O'Hair is sticking in my head. '94 at Oakmont was the first major where I picked the winner. I remember playing golf during the weekend mornings just outside of Pittsburgh, where my family is from, and watching the golf in the afternoon. US Open week in 1994 was scortching. Hard to believe it was 13 years ago.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


1.) Fcuk Crate and Barrel. An order I placed on 2 June is scheduled to arrive 13 June. Shipping was 20% of the item cost, and it will take 11 days. Where in their 10K will they post the profits they make from shipping?

2.) It really irks me when I am watching a network television show that ends in a manner such as, "Stay tuned for scenes from next week's Office/Studio 60" and comes back to the 11:00 news. What is the point? Is it worth having your viewership be PO'ed to watch the extra five commercials?

3.) I didn't realize Bob Barker was a vegetarian. John O'Hurley would be the best BB replacement (or Crispin Glover), although I think they should end TPIR.

Sunday, June 03, 2007


For some reason The Ultimate Game strikes me as creepy. It seems very Trading Places-esque.

Would like to see Sean O'Hair win the Memorial.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Quick Thoughts - 2 June 2007

1.) If Lowes ever wants to compete with Home Depot in the category of ease-of-use, they need to revamp their entire website. Try searching for outdoor chairs on each site.

2.) At 23-32, I am pretty proud of what the Washington Nationals are patching together this season. Beset by injuries and an Expos-esque lineup, the team comes to play every night. I'm far from sold on Manny Acta, but am impressed with the club, and excited for the new stadium next year (I won't comment of the corresponding traffic).

3.) Today is my one month anniversary of ACL surgery. Improvement has been steady, as I now get around with one crutch (or none, for short distances), can straighten fairly well and bend over 90'. What makes me grit my teeth is the girl at my PT sessions (no older than 16) who had surgery a week before me and is running circles around my progress. What gives?

4.) I am itching to play golf. Heck, I am itching to putt and hit half wedges. At this point I'd be pleased to watch groups tee off, propped up in a golf cart.

5.) Props to James Driscoll for finding his game. Impressive T2 at last week's Melwood Invitational, and in the hunt heading into the weekend on the Nationwide Tour.

6.) There isn't much you can say about a great article. The NY Times piece on Kerry Wood is great.