Friday, January 25, 2008


Maybe it is because I am turning 30, but the whole aging thing culminated in a phone call/visit to the optometrist yesterday (Thursday). I had my initial visit last Friday (after a three year hiatus) when the prognosis was, essentially "how are you driving with your current prescription". Lo and behold, I ordered a new pair of glasses, and was to have my old pair refitted with new lenses. Ironed out the details, new glasses to arrive in February, new lenses for old glasses ASAP, and a quick switch-out.

The details I glossed over were that I chose transition lenses. Upside, great for outdoor activities (golf). Downside...uhhh every other idea imaginable. Not 10 seconds after having the new lenses, and having them UV'ed to dark, I looked like a complete Communist dictator. I literally shuddered on the way to the car, and it hasn't gotten better since.

TLs are crazy, as they were put into my old/normal glasses. They don't put TLs in sunglasses, so you don't walk around like your looking for a racquetball game 24/7. But honestly, if I fell for clear TLs in sunglasses, I'd be an aviator cap away from being the weirdo in 'A Christmas Story'.

You know what sucks about TLs? Unlike the original commercial (pulled off the air), the 'transition' isn't immediate, aka, I walk to the client site, go to a meeting, and, since I can't shake them clean (like an Etch a Sketch) I look like Elton 'effing John. It is tough to garner respect when my clients are wondering if Saturday Night's Alright for Fightin'. So, my abhorration for TLs has led to me negotiating SE DC without glasses. I'm guessing this happens to everyone under 60 with TLs, a class action suit in the making.

On the bright side, I can go as Joe Gibbs for Halloween 2008.

Holy Smokes.

DBT and the Perfect (Non) Strike

Last night during one of our bowling league matches I saw the perfect ball rolled, and it didn't result in a strike. Bowling is such an interesting sport. My scores for three games had a range of 103.

New DBT 'Brighter Than Creation's Dark' came out Tuesday and is amazing. I considered it an early birthday gift.

Does MTV test for steroids on the 'Real World/Road Rules Challenge'? I can say with a high level of confidence they don't, or it would deplete the available pool of contestants. Seriously, the show has massive participants, who rage at the slightest sip of alcohol. It is a Clemens'esque broken bat throw away from a Congressional hearing.

Big 3-0 hits on Sunday. I've never been one to self-promote/draw attention, but I am looking very forward to celebrating and my thirties.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday Shots

- What ever happened to the screwdriver? It is rapidly becoming extinct. I can't remember the last piece of furniture/cabinet I purchased that wasn't assembled with an allen wrench.

- How many times has George W. Bush made his bed in his life? Less than 5?

- That sound you heard was UVA athletics imploding. It wasn't too audible.

- Got a Cutter and Buck catalog in the mail yesterday. Holy $hit, they are still making the exact same line from 1994. I suggest ordering a copy, it is hilarious.

- Glad the brothers Zahn joined our PGA pool. I can't wait to see the response when he realizes Buckmir doesn't charge himself $100 for his admin duties, although he probably makes $500 a year riding the carry.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Obama Edwards Coalition

Although I rarely turn my attention to politics, I was both amused and annoyed by the WP recap of the Democratic New Hampshire debate . The campaign being run by Hillary is wholly robotic, and an analogy can be easily drawn to sports, where a favorite alters their game plan (increased attacks, more informal during stumping) based on the performance of an upstart. Her robotic nature led to baited repartee over universal health care and a required mandate for children's health care. Her continued rallying cry to review experience I render out of scope, because the Presidency requires skills surpassing any other elected position. Personally, I favor the Obama/Edwards emotive credibility, to augment their base of experience. Every candidate has experience, but not Presidential experience, so addressing experience is a non-factor.

Do I know today who I am voting for in November? No. I also realize no candidate (Democrat or Republican) will be the perfect ideological match, and will vote for a candidate who, while not supporting all of my personal beliefs, I consider to be the best choice for the office of Chief Executive. Campaigns and debates have the ability to highlight individual issues, individual records, when electing a President is a macro endeavor.

Saturday, January 05, 2008


If I were to ask if you know the definition 'Southern Hemisphere Hangover', would you?