Tuesday, March 30, 2010

UVA v. Clemson

I attended the Saturday contest between UVA and Clemson baseball, in Charlottesville. Oh the heels of a UVA lacrosse dressing-down of JHU, the loss didn't have as great a sting as I would have anticipated. Winning the series didn't hurt.

Davenport is a great field to watch a game. LF seating provides a great perspective of the mountains behind the backstop/reserved seating. Being clustered with the outfield pines provides shade and cover from the fading afternoon sun. There are no bad seats at a college baseball game. The play was spottier than the conditions, I was thankful UVA could win the series with their night victory.

Friday, March 19, 2010

NCAA Odds and Ends

Great slate of games yesterday, best opening day for the the NCAAs since 1998 (Bryce Drew of Valparaiso beating Ole Miss @ the buzzer). I've evolved my opinion on what it takes to win games deep into the tournament, from experience/upperclassmen, to an excellent low-post player, to a versatile wing, to...? My point? I've abandoned thoughts on championship formulas as I've come to the realization upsets result from a.) a guard who can penetrate b.) a lights out two guard. Have both, and you've got an entertaining game.

(Aside - UNC v. W&M @ Carmichael on Tuesday was the best NCAA game I've watched in two years.)

- Not surprised by the Texas collapse. Going to be a long summer in Austin. Ish Smith has 68% of the heart of the WF team.

- Carrying your NCAA bracket in public is worse than an adult bringing a mitt to a Major League baseball game.

- Yesterday was so great there was no mention of Kentucky/Kansas (#1) wins.

- An edict of my personal NCAA bracketality states it is advantageous to enter bracket pools of friends who live outside driving distance, to avoid falling prey to location bias (unless Georgetown is a no-show).

- The Big East bandwagon got (slightly) lighter after yesterday's games.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Austin Freeman, Diabetes, and Georgetown

An uneven season for Georgetown men's basketball got more difficult, as Austin Freeman was diagnosed with diabetes. I feel terrible for AF and the team, and hope they can rally around their best player.

Admittedly, I know little about diabetes, and considered it to be a disease brought on by age. I know it comes in various forms, and Type 2 is brought on by obesity. It can afflict anyone (AF, jay Cutler).

Regardless of the outcome of the Georgetown season, I'd like to see AF and John Thompson III bring awareness to the disease. Georgetown needs to create an awareness platform, and seek to educate area residents on the symptoms, in the hopes of early detection.