Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Monday TV

Outside of sports, I'm normally not a big TV guy, but have grown increasingly impressed with the hybrid Monday lineup. CBS has created two humorous sitcoms in 'How I Met Your Mother' and 'The Class', which may fare well, as there is no great competition from 8-9PM. I've also become a fan of 'Studio 60' (10-11PM NBC), which is starting to hit a stride, in light of the enormous cast, which would (assumedly) drag down the show. It may take a few weeks for the development of more concrete and far-reaching plot lines, but the first few episodes have me hooked. I suggest watching this week's show on nbc.com (full episode), which I found to be the best of the bunch.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Good Read

Wanted to bring quick notice to today's WP atricle (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/10/20/AR2006102000446.html) on Garry Trudeau, and his recent dealings with the War in Iraq in Doonesbury. Fantastic read.

It bothers me, as we approach elections, with a War in Iraq and other events of great seriousness occuring, that our notice of these events is blocked by political jockeying and the ad nauseum display of election advertisements. Granted, the 15 and 30 second snippets are easier to inject into standard tv viewing habits than an in-depth piece on current events, but reminders of what is really happening would be both sobering, and a refreshing reminder of what is really going on. At what point did we abandon the Weekly Reader for the 'Where's the Beef' ad?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Please tell me I am the only idiot stupid enough to participate in a FFB league run by Fanball(slogan: were run by acutal retards!).

Case in point, I lost this weeks game by 0.05 points.

Context - I am adamantly opposed to leagues that have partial points.

- Between Monday night and Tuesday morning my team inexplicably lost 0.10 points (great coding, idiots)

- More accurately, I actually lost on a Jake Plummer kneel down that cost me -1 yd rushing (-.10) on Sunday night.

Awesome. Eff Fanball, 20-0 halftime leads, and the Bears D.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Too Much, Too Soon

I am concerned by both the lack of effort underway to entrench the new Nationals team/stadium in SE DC, and the number of overzealous investors/prospectors looking to make a quick buck on the revitalization.

Coupled with the Lerner family reputation (chronicled in this week's WP) for hard-line negotiation tactics and letter-of-the-law execution creates a recipe for failure.

What the Lerner's don't grasp is the soft side of the issue. It isn't prudent to publicly state the Nationals purchase was viewed as a moneymaking venture, which rings caustic in the ears of DC residents and Board members who struggled mightily to make baseball in DC a reality. I hate to clue you in, but building an office complex in the area isn't an act of good faith, insofar as investment to add to your already overflowing coffers. What isn't mentioned is the Lerner building is in the direct sightline from the stadium to the Capitol, was fought by DC Councilman Jack Evans, and only allowed to be constructed when your ownership was revealed. Cutting corners from Day 1 may make sense, from a fiscal perspective, but doesn't create the 'friendly customer experience' that will result in repeat customers, or what we call fans.

Also, the entire dynamic of the SE revitalization is set to implode. A scan of the area today reveals one of three things, tenements barricaded for future demolition, construction, or completed office buildings, at most three years old. What is missing? Residences, commerce, parks, any discernible nightlife after 5pm. In essence, everything. Which isn't to say what I mentioned missing isn't coming, but it will arrive at the same time as the stadium. The Lerners are already fighting tooth and nail for above ground (cheaper and less sightly) parking, which would delete planned residences in walking distance of the stadium.

Stadiums and teams succeed in areas where they don't immediately appear, but are an extension of the already existent community. Pac Bell works because the area was already established, and the ballpark serves its intention, as an enhancement. The architectural snore-fests that are being built are homogenous, lacking grandeur, and fitting of housing government facilities. Fine for today, but dated in 10 years, and atrocious in 20.

As quickly as the investors arrived to cash in on the development, they'll be inclined to leave when the revenue stream slows to a trickle. Why? Because they are investors, and have no ties to the area, the team, or DC heritage.

The sound you hear is the teetering of SE, and we haven't even begun.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Parental Control

Had a very enjoyable weekend, puctuated with Redskins and UVA wins (did Haley's comet orbit, too?).

Friday night we 'entertained' friends who were visiting. I've come to realize 'entertain' is the adult-version of 'get shitfaced'. It brings a wry smile to my face when I watch a show on HDTV and a couple lauds a large living room for being perfect for 'entertaining', meaning beerpong is soon to follow.

Got wrapped up in MTV's Parental Control. Show is highly addictive. I was audibly rooting for a whore to be booted by her boyfriend, to the tune of "if she sticks around, I'll have wasted the last half-hour of my life, and that poor mother!". Also heard date behavior described as "ho-ish activity", and saw fathers getting to act creepy and check out the goods for their sons.