Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Thank Goodness

It wasn't too long ago the Wizards were the laughingstock of the NBA. The lynchpin of the debacle was Kwame Brown. Today'sWashington Post goes into great detail about the heart and motivation of Caron Butler, and it is apparent his contribution to the team is a departure from the laziness of Kwame and helped lead the team to success.

The Wizards are an enjoyable team to watch, for which winning plays a major part. The signing of Arenas and trade for Butler (offset with the loss of Larry Hughes) were great moves by Ernie Grunfeld, who has proven his worth as a fantastic GM. Basketball in DC used to be unwatchable; the success of the Wizz has breathed life into downtown DC as Chinatown has grown and thrived with their success.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


If one more of my friends puts this on his wedding registry I am going to seriously question who I used to get bombed with in college.

Wasting Time

Sites where I could waste days:

www.pandora.com - Duh.

www.beastiemixes.com - One of the few bands to open their library and embrace the evolving (and highly skilled) mix/mash culture

www.dcist.com - Good reading, many articles, updated frequently

UVA goes to Raleigh tonight hoping to escape with a road win. NC State is one of the few teams in the ACC which evokes no emotion. My only encounter with NCSU was indirect, when an old roommate's sister got us tickets in their section at the ACC Championship two years ago (Verizon Center). Their redneck following was a fun bunch, enjoying themselves in DC. Guess what? I mingled well.

UVA's 2007 fb schedule was released today. If they aren't bowling, I'll be steering the Groh-must-go bandwagon. Oct. 20 is circled. The last two contests in the Spark have been -10', and in the aftermath of a hurricane. I expect locusts.

2007 UVa Schedule
Sept. 1 at Wyoming
Sept. 8 DUKE
Sept. 15 at North Carolina
Oct. 6 at Middle Tennessee State
Oct. 20 at Maryland
Oct. 27 at NC State
Nov. 10 at Miami
Nov. 17 BYE

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Who really cares?

I find it extremely annoying that everything on pgatour.com is geared towards the FedEx Cup. You have to search to find the Money List ranking. Also, if you check the live scoring, the first choice is 'FC' that provides FedEx Cup standings, and projected FedEx Cup points for the week.

Did the PGA Tour shop the notion of the FedEx Cup to the fans, to see if they would really care? If I had to estimate, the % of fans geared for the format would hover @ 5%, but would spike precipitously if top-name players committed to tournaments late in the season (post-PGA) in an attempt to win the 'Cup'. Correct me if I am wrong, but I have yet to see one player commit to a more back-loaded schedule.

Couple the FedEx Cup with an altered schedule, and this season on tour is downright confusing. The new schedule stinks, an obvious pandering to sponsors and $$$ over quality golf. I am not a fan of the Players in May, essentially meaning the beginning of the "real season" is at the Masters in April, rather than the March Players. I can't even tell you when the Tour Championship is played (Spetember), resulting in an April-September period of real interest, rather than March-November. How is this a winning formula? I implore someone to educate me what the PGA is gaining through the new format/schedule, that doesn't line their coffers.

Monday, January 15, 2007

A 5% Band

My Morning Jacket is what I consider to be a 5% band. Their style is not the style of music I normally like, but for some reason I really dig them about two days out of the month, today being one of those days. If I were to buy the CD(s) I wouldn't know where to start, and would end up being distracted while driving by some awful-miserable song that I have yet to hear. I don't like the band enough to take a vested interest in their music, but 4-6 songs a month is adequate.

68' in DC on 15 January. I should be shooting 83 somewhere.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Iraqi Build-Up

The revised US Iraq strategy is risky, at best. It ties the success of the operation and eventual withdraw of US troops to added responsibilities assumed by the Iraqi government.

From a project management 101 perspective, once a project falls behind, bodies added to the project have a diminishing rate of return. When we already have 120K soldiers in Iraq, why is an extra 20K the "secret sauce" that will eventually lead to withdrawl? In addition, we are relying on a roommate who never pays the rent on time, and looks in the other direction when you come home for the last Miller Lite in the fridge, and it is inexplicably gone. Your attempts to rectify the situation with your roommate have only amounted to a few conversations during 'My Name is Earl' where you told him to handle his business and quit being such a joke. Is that a plan for withdrawl at the end of the year, or a situation where your roommate continues to do nothing but continue to eat your food, drink your beer, and be alarmed and flummoxed when you tell him you plan on moving out at the end of the year?

With no clear objectives, a risky partner, and having waged a war against a guerrila enemy, with whom the US has no idea of their true nature or motivation, things going "according to plan" and the troop buildup succeeding is slight. When have things gone "according to plan" in Iraq yet?