Friday, November 30, 2007

PGA Tour Qualifying School

Just checked he scores from the PGA Tour Qualifying School, a few quick notes.

- Glad to see Tommy (Two Gloves) Gainey T3. Can you imagine a Boo Weekley/Gainey weekend twosome? If you haven't read the Weekley article in the December Golf Digest, it is a must.

- Unfortunately, Greg Kraft T152. He'll be throwing up in the toliet in his living room in no time. I smell a WD.

- Chris Riley T86 (chuckle).

- Other names of note in the tournament, Ryan Palmer, Skip Kendall (is he in it every year?), Kent Jones, Harrison Frazar, Bubba dickerson, Greg Owen, Steve Lowery, Bob May, Ted Purdy (didn't he just win a tournament?), and Notah Begay III.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Trade Off

I (obviously) have no interest in the ACC Championship Game between 'ACC Extenders' BC and VT. I am still chagrined the ACC diluted a basketball conference for the sake of football.

There need to be changes to improve the conference. I understand the changes won't always be in the best short-run interests of the ACC, but they would be mutually beneficial over time.

1.) Trade NC State (possibly Clemson) for Vanderbilt.
- Vandy is serviceable as a football team (5-7 in 2007) and would be comparable to UVA/GT on the gridiron. They are an emerging basketball power and would be an academic improvement over either NCSU or Clemson. I'd hate to lose Clemson, one of the founding schools of the ACC, but when I see Clemson/Auburn matched for the Peach Bowl, it appears to be a Saturday evening SEC game, aka a 30 point game. I wouldn't sweat the loss of NCSU from the ACC. Their fans have an SEC mentality.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Early Thanks

Thanksgiving is a great week. I figured I'd post a few sports-related bullets for which I am thankful.

1.) I'm back at the gym, considering I broke my big toe last Wednesday, and it still stares at me like a mini-Grimace in the shower, limited mobility is a good thing.

2.) College basketball is back! Hallelujah. I'm in the initial week - to - month giddiness where I can watch any game (Oklahoma State / LSU and UMD / Kansas yesterday). UVA beating Arizona on the road certainly exceeded expectations. Really like UVA's balance and depth (they start 2S, 1JR, 1FR, rotate the last spot, and have playable depth to 10 guys).

3.) Finally hooked up the HDMI on my new TV, wow.

4.) Sean Singletary in a UVA uniform.

5.) One more Chris Long home game in a UVA uniform, for a trip to Jacksonville.

6.) Kevin Ogletree, out for the year with an ACL, suiting up for the scout team to mimic Tyrod Taylor. Doing whatever it takes to help the team.

7.) The maturity of Jameel Sewell. I'm going to remember the 2007 UVA football team as one of my favorites, for a long time.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Under Pressure

I must be retarded, I never realized Queen had any part in 'Under Pressure', I thought it was all David Bowie.

Enjoy this CNNSI piece where I get criticized.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Layover in Charlotte

On a weekend trip to San Francisco, and Charlotte has great internet access (who knew?). Was thinking on the flight from DC that Velvet Revolver is a badass band, but if I were to create an uber-group who would I include:

Just missed:

Drums - Chad Smith - RHCP, Dave Grohl - Nirvana

Bass - Les Claypool - Primus

Guitar - Keith Richards - Stones, Slash - G N'R / VR, Mike Cooley - DBT

Vocals - Sebastian Bach - Skid Row, Jay Farrar - Son Volt / Uncle Tupelo

Best Band Ever:

John Fishman
Nikki Sixx
Warren Haynes
Brian Johnson

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Get Over It

1.) Jerry Seinfeld
2.) Poker on TV
3.) Every DC sports radio personality bemoaning the fact the Redskins don't have a WR touchdown through Week 8. Czaban gets credit, the rest are bandwagon.

Still Enjoying

1.) Rolling Stones Rarities
2.) Spooner Oldham
3.) Gov't Mule (Friday in SF)

Friday, November 02, 2007

Agent Zero

With the NBA underway, it means Gilbert Arenas is up to his usual business. Great stuff. He is the biggest athlete/sports celebrity in DC, surpassing Joe Gibbs.

I can't get enough of his rhetoric. I find his repartee immensely enjoyable. Keep it up! (Sadly, it is the only drawing point to watching the NBA).

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Back in Action

I just realized I hadn't written in a while and had a number of good thoughts to post (sadly, I forgot most of them).

UVA-wise, it was disappointing to drop our last contest to NC State, and give them a W they can hang their season on. Losing to an underachieving, injury-plagued team is unforgivable, even at home. In the interest of TV, UVA got screwed, with their bye week not arriving until November 17 (week 12), no other ACC team has a bye later than week 10, and injuries and weariness have started to creep up on the two-deep.

I was disappointed to learn a top basketball target, Elliott (E-mail) Williams, from Memphis, had chosen Duke over Memphis, Tennessee, and us. While 95% of recruiting efforts end up making the final school choice predictable, his recruitment was the only example I can remember where he could have chosen any of the finalists and I would not have been surprised. Would have preferred UT or Memphis, if not UVA. "E-mail" checked in at 6-4, 175 (rail thin). Seems as though basketball recruits have typically gotten thinner. I don't know ow many 6-5/180, 6-10/210 guys are out there. Does no high school run a strength program?