Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shots of Thoughts

Fruits of the day (in order of preference): Banana, apple (Granny Smith), raspberries, blueberries. I wish peaches were in season.

Cities I've never visited: LA, Chicago

Cities I want to visit: Nashville, Austin

My guess at the Washington Nationals 2010 record - 76-86

Unappreciated artist: Bob Seeger

A great way to kill five minutes.

Friday, April 23, 2010

NFL Draft Thoughts

- Redskins started to shore their line drafting Williams from Oklahoma. His athleticism pairs well with the running game I'd expect Shanahan to espouse.

- Congratulations to the Denver Broncos for drafting the 2nd best WR in the draft (as opposed to Dex Bryant) and a fullback in the first round (Tim Tebow). Congratulations to the Tim Tebow team, for making him appear to be a serviceable QB. Did Denver lose his tape from the Senior Bowl? Performing well, with an abbreviated throwing motion, in a workout is the equivalent of hitting it well on the driving range. It rarely transitions to the course. Once he is facing a rush, and is forced to move in the pocket, he'll revert to his natural (long) motion, which does not afford enough time to deliver before succumbing to the oncoming rush. Denver needs to develop an excellent running game to give him any chance to succeed.

- The Detroit Lions are building an entertaining team. Bradford, Suh, Best are great faces for the franchise.

- Jimmy Clausen (still in free-fall) has a huge chip on his shoulder. A Drew Brees'esque chip. Time will tell if he uses it to positively motivate his development. I expect him to go to the Vikings @ 34 or the Chefs @ 36.

- The draft on Thursday night was novel, but I'll miss the late Friday scuttlebutt leading up to a Friday draft. I remember the breathless Ed Werder coverage when the Texans chose to draft Mario Williams over Reggie Bush.

- Loved the Make A Wish kid announcing the Steelers pick.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Apple Dumpling Gang

I'm extremely impressed how, in a time of cynicism and explicit ignorance towards advertising gimmicks, Apple's "discovered" 4G iPhone could cause such a stir. As social media expands, like a spilled liquid, Apple exploited the oldest advertising trick in the book, suspension of disbelief.

For the story to be accurate, and the phone loss to be accidental, Apple would have to allow a twenty eight year old engineer to leave the premises with the hone. Apple is the company who made iPad developers work in supervised locations before the release of the device.

The discovered phone was sold (scalped) for $5,000. It could have been sold to a techno-geek for $100K.

Oh, and yesterday Apple released their earnings report. Fortuitous timing.

Well played, Mr. Jobs, well played.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Grounded, Understanding

Yesterday a coworker brought his seven year old daughter to the office, which was a departure from the routine to which I've grown accustomed, to the point of ignoring the obvious. Through the eyes of a child an office must appear overly sanitized, quiet, and structured, which I equate to uninteresting. While we labored, she was engrossed in Shrek, and I'd be lying if my interests didn't begin to lean towards her direction.

The sight of a child in the office enabled me to see many things I've 'unseen' for years, as they've blended into my familiar surroundings. The clacking of keys on the keyboard, the imposing shape of an industrial printer, how to operate a coffee pot. Watching my coworker and his daughter walk the hall, I was shaken from looking without seeing to go beyond the direct image and place the same walk elsewhere, together on the Mall, or into church on a spring morning, rather than executed in an office. One barely knowing the efforts of her Father at work, but knowing her Father.