Wednesday, April 27, 2011

From Washington to Washington

The NFL Draft is tomorrow. The Washington Redskins are picking tenth. When not devouring, I've been pondering who I'd like the Redskins to select in the First Round, based on who is likely to be available (strike Von Miller from the list, although he is worth improving draft position to select). My list is very short.

3. Prince Amukamara (CB) - If only because 10th is a good spot to pick a QB. Still too high in the draft to select RB/WR, and the top DE selections will most likely have been chosen.

2. Robert Quinn (DE) - He bolsters the front seven and he's had a year off.

1. Jake Locker (QB). He'd be a reach at ten. I don't care.
- He's been the face of UW for five years, and would be the face of the Redskins.
- He's worked with different coaches, and adapted to a pro-style offense.
- I think he's the best QB in the draft.

Selecting JL with the 10th pick in 2010 would have been considered a steal. One year later, after winning three must win games to be bowl eligible, he accomplished the feat. He's been the focal point of his program for five years. His athleticism (size, baseball skills, etc.) and West Coast origins remind me of one person, John Elway.

Washington has a variety of deficiencies and gaps. Choose the player who addresses the most glaring shortcoming, and, potentially, can provide the greatest improvement.