Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Caption Contest

The confluence of Eric's two loves?

Friday, June 18, 2010

2010 Majors

Excellent first day at the US Open, with coverage stretching until 10pm EST. A West Coast US Open @ Pebble (late) and the British @ St. Andrews (early) I don't think we'll ever see better adjacent Majors (on the heels of a memorable Masters).

Unfortunately, the PGA is at Whistling Straits, which pales in comparison to the other venues. The only PGA location comparable to the first three Majors would be Baltusrol.

At Pebble, I completely missed the Hudson Swafford 8-9 finish (after coverage stopped). He got Santana Moss'ed.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The 2010 US Open @ Pebble Beach

The opening round of the 2010 US Open is upon us. The US Open should be played at Pebble Beach more frequently. Maybe once every eight years? I'd like to see a Pebble, Oakmont, Shinnecock 'mini-rota' every eight years, with the other five years in the rota being populated by lesser courses (Bethpage, anything but Olympic).

As for the tournament, history dictates the winner will be a iconic golfer at the top of his game (Nicklaus, Watson, errrr Kite, Woods).

Long Shot - David Duval. Plays US Opens well.
Dark Horse - Francesco Molinari. Like his plodding/accurate game.
Favorite - Ernie Els. Pebble Beach is a fitting venue for Major #4 for The Big Easy.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy 40th Birthday

Phil Mickelson. A triumph at Pebble Beach would be a great present.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Erik Compton

The kid is a true fighter, and a story everyone should know. A true hero of golf. He epitomizes what it means to be an athlete, and to compete.

I'm excited for the US Open at Pebble Beach. Johnny Miller stated (paraphrased), 'The US Open should be contested on three courses, Pebble Beach, Oakmont, and Shinnecock Hills.' Which I decipher as, 'The US Open should be contested on three courses, Oakmont, Oakmont, and Oakmont.'

Saturday, June 05, 2010

John Wooden

The world lost the best, with the passing of John Wooden. He transcended his occupation, a truly great man.

My favorite story about John Wooden was how he steadfastly wrote love letters to his wife, Nell, , even after her passing (twenty four years ago).

On Friday, he asked his son to give him a fresh shave. When his son asked why, John responded.

"I'm going to see Nell."

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Miserable Company - LG

We've recently replaced our air conditioning units. The old units were Chrysler units, which lasted easily 20+ years. We upgraded to LG. Unfortunately, the LG in our bedroom is a complete lemon. We fired it up, it doesn't cool, and sounds terrible.

Dealing with LG customer service has been horrible. Their 'process' (which they refuse to divulge) requires a 'unit review' by a repairman to determine if the unit can be repaired, or needs to be replaced. If either is required, based on factors LG won't explain, they decide if they will cover the replacement. They have already raised concerns, since the unit we purchased was made in 2008. They seem to believe they may not cover brand new units made two years ago (!). They also won't let us know the duration of the decision process, which, as temperatures in DC reach 90' is miserable.

Thankfully, we'd been considering LG appliances for our kitchen, which we will now run away from. For a $500 AC unit, they've negated any chance I'll be spending $3000+ on their kitchen appliances. LG's loss, Kenmore or GE's gain.

Update: After another call, even if the unit is determined to be a piece of garbage, and a replacement is sent, LG won't cover the cost of removal of the old unit and installation of the new unit. I'm guessing they sub out the work and won't pay for the associated labor.