Thursday, December 31, 2009

Final 2009 Thoughts

I wish all an enjoyable night and Happy New Year. 2009 was a fantastic year, with marriage being the pinnacle event (and our two weeks in Italy). In addition, I was able to accomplish my 2009 resolution (visit the gym a certain # of times).

A few golf-related predictions for 2010.

- TW golfs his ball at a level we've never seen before. While his past month has been atrocious, it takes @ 18 months to recover from ACL reconstruction. His focus will be heightened. I expect two Majors and eight wins.

- A Major will go to a deserving golfer, either Steve Stricker or Lee Westwood (possibly both).

- Rory McIlroy wins a WGC event.

- Chris Wood is Top 5 in the European Tour Order of Merit.

- 2010 Major Winners. Masters - TW, US Open - TW, The Open - LW, PGA - SS.

(Update #1) UVA related - It is hard to believe UVA hired new basketball and football coaches in 2009. I think the Tony Bennett hire is outstanding, and look forward to how he can improve the current roster, and develop his own players once they arrive. Mike London is a hire which makes me cautiously optimistic; he knows the focus must be on recruiting the state of Virginia,a contrast to the early Groh years which expanded our recruiting base to NJ, PA, NC.

Looking to expand beyond HIAH in 2010, picked up a few new domains, mulling some ideas. Again, all the best.

(Update #2) - You can now access the site through

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Top Christmas Songs

I whole-heartedly enjoy a good Christmas son. My favorites:

5. Christmas In Hollis - Run DMC. Does it count?

4. Let IT Snow - Aaron Neville. How does such a hulking individual have a vulnerable voice?

3. 2000 Miles - Chrissy Hynde.

2. Blue Christmas - Elvis Presley.

1. SCICTT - Bruce Springsteen. Classic. Never gets old.

I Won't Get Fooled Again

I was in the unenviable position of spectator at the Redskins v. Giants game. It is barely worth wasting words at the atrocity of the home team. I've never seen a team more listless and resigned to losing. The new GM, Allen, needs to start from scratch in the non-cap year. I see few salvageable parts. While other tams have worse records, at least they have building blocks.

Detroit - Stafford & Johnson (if only for trade value)
Cleveland - Cribbs & Harrison (I thought his line from Sunday was typographically incorrect)
KC - Charles & Cassel

Washingotn has Orakpo and an aging (and overpaid) Haynesworth. Everyone else needs to go. Trade down in Round One of the draft to accumulate picks, and lunge for Ryan Mallet mid/late in Round Two. Spend the rest of the draft on OL. Avoid drafting skill position players (Sleepy Davis and Kelly/Thomas can me productive).

Monday, December 14, 2009

Quick Redskins Note

With the good comes the (potentially) bad. After an all-around good performance and win in Oakland, in a (marginally) related development Jake Locker decided to stay at the University of Washington for his senior year. I'd be willing to lend him the $0.35 to call Sam Bradford and see if his attitude towards a 'full college career' changed after his limited and injury-prone season.

Unfortunately, the QB pool for the draft (a position the Redskins are presumably targeting) got a bit thinner, as Locker won't be available, and potential QBs may be drafted before the Redskins pick. I think Locker would have been successful in DC, he'd be my #1 option, but I wouldn't be disappointed with Bradford or Clausen. Truth be told, with JL opting for another 280 days of Seattle rain, I hope the 'Skins wait until R2 to draft Ryan Mallett / Tony Pike, who both have the opportunity to be successful.

Whole Foods - Profits

While dining at Whole Foods last night I noticed a posted sign explaining how certain days are designated '5% Days', where 5% of the daily profits are donated to a designate charity. The tally from the most recent 5% Day donated @ $5200 to charity. Some quick back of the napkin math led me to realize the daily profit of the Alexandria Whole Foods is @ $100,000 (with a minor subtraction for any profit bump on the day of the charity donation).

Can a Whole Foods really have a $36.5M profit for the year? What am I missing?

Update: WF sells beer/win, which makes a daily profit of $100K more feasible. What are other high-margin WF items? Fruit? Organic items?