Saturday, December 30, 2006

Post Holidays

Happy Post Christmas to all! Nothing beats a Christmas tree adorned with gifts wrapped with the 'creepy Santa face' wrapping paper. It is my favorite, I've got to start employing it at all times of the year. Around Christmas I always swear to dress as Uncle Eddie from Christmas Vacation next Halloween (white loafers, polyester pants, white sweater, dickie) but forget in the interim. It may have to be my NY resolution to remember.

Have been enjoying the holidays in DC with friends who are in town, always good times.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Whoopin' is Comin'

UVA basketball put on a putrid performance at the Puerto Rico Invitational, finishing 7th in a tournament they were supposed to win, by beating a Div. II team (and were trailing in the 2nd half).

With Dave Leitao being an intense coach, I can only imagine the hell the team will catch once they return to Charlottesville. It has already been announced they have a practice scheduled for Christmas Day.

The punishment about to be imparted on UVA basketball made me fondly reminisce about the beat downs I took while playing sports. I remember a baseball game at Garfield when we were jacking off royally (the 3B ate a hotdog in the dugout during the 6th) and the coach was visibly steamed. The next day at practice we were instructed to wear our tennis shoes and meet in the gym. We were forced to take grounders off the gym floor without gloves. The pain from the pinch of a baseball and the gym floor is intense.

Later in the year, during fungo, the outfield was slacking off (I was RF) and the coach nutted a ball over the fence, instructing us to 'bring back the m*%&#$*^@)#$. Of couse it went into a creek behind the field, and led to us pushing in the LF as he attempted to retreive. Upon return of two dry outfielders and one who was soaked, coach cracked a smile...still human.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Things That Make Me Happy

As this is a blog, not a gripefest, I figured I'd list some things that currently make me happy (December 2006):

1.) Putting up my Christmas tree the first week in December

2.) Christmas music on the radio during the morning commute. Nothing beats White Christmas by Bing Crosby.

3.) Anchor Steam beer.

4.) A round of golf on December 10 (even if it ended up being an Art Monk).

5.) The MoMA online store.

Well done, CNNSI...

I sit incredulous at another CNNSI piece that has me shaking my head...

"Once Boris Diaw works himself into shape, he and Shawn Marion, along with the steadily improving Amaré Stoudemire (averaging 17 and 8 in just 27 minutes) have a chance to rank among the great frontcourts of all time."

Memo to Bird, Parish, McHale, your reign atop the mountain is about to end...not really. I follow the NBA as religiously as I follow college hockey, and I can still name 2-3 better frontcourts currently in the NBA.

CNNSI writers really have the life. In an effort to crank out 100 articles a day, they've fired all the editors and hired only writers. The aforementioned article sounds eerily similar to me, as a 5-year-old, claiming I had the 'coolest treehouse ever'.

Thursday, December 07, 2006


Who wants to be an online columnist? Follow this simple recipe:

- Choose a one-sided issue that has drawn national attention

- Locate 3-5 unconnected facts that vaguely support the contrapositive

- Sprinkle the facts in an article against the overwhelming national view.

What a joke.

For the record, anything that is deemed a "state-of-the-art $13 million football training facility" means they went the extra mile to give each player their own personal hose to drink from during training camp, instead of poking holes spaced two feet apart in one hose. I remember going to see the Byrd Stadium renovation, and they were planning on raising $5M for weights.

I am lost...

I am putting it out to the masses, as I've wavered all week, and have turned my mind into the equivalent of the ball of lights Rusty has to untangle in 'Christmas Vacation'.

FFB QB - Favre (@SF) or Kitna (MIN)

Cutler is also an option (only because he is on the roster), but I think he's going to know what Merriman ate for breakfast 10 minutes into the game.