Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Draft pundits are discussing the possibility the Texans swap top picks with the Jets, moving down to 4th, and drafting D'Brick, who they had as #1 on their board during the season. The move makes great sense, as they already are semi-talented at skill positions, and Ferguson and picks are a greater short-term fix than any one player. The situation is win/win for DF (assuming he goes 4th), as Houston is a fantastic city (where I went to the SB four years ago), and the Jets complex is ten minutes from his high school.

Being a Redskins fan, it is difficult to get excited about the draft or the offseason, as we have a salary cap hangover and no first round pick. We are rooting for a collective bargaining agreement and a big jump in the cap, or the blodletting will be fierce.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Three Strikes

1.) I always enjoy watching the _________ Match Play Championship at La Costa. Really enjoy viewing the course, and the golf, although I doubt a competitor will have a weekend as hot as Toms in 2005. Regardless, Geoff Ogilvy is a class act with a fantastic swing who will enjoy many future successes on the Tour.

2.) I was disgusted by the bag kicking, club throwing, consolation-match complaining Tom Lehman. How can you complain about being 'forced' to play a consolation match, when TV pays your salary and there are Ryder Cup points involved? What a terrible choice as Ryder Cup captain, but sadly no worse than can be said for Hal Sutton and Curtis Strange. There has been no bigger PGA Tour prick than Curtis Strange over the past 25 years, and it is disappointing he was chosen over such class acts as Larry Nelson. Much as it was difficult to watch the US Olympians, I won't be overly perturbed watching the Europeans chuckle their way to victory.

3.) It is embarassing I am getting geared up for the NFL Draft two months in advance. I am enjoying the publicity around D'Briickashaw Fereguson, who will be a great representative for the U. Also, have you seen Vernon Davis' measurables? He ran a 4.38 and has a 42" vert. Sick!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Out of Touch

Last night I went out for a few drinks to a bar/lounge in Arlington, Tallula. First time I had ever been, and my party settled in one of the back rooms. The room consisted of a few tables/bar stools, levels of shelves with candles for sitting around the edges, but in the center of the room had two of the most worthless pieces of furniture I have ever seen. They were two low chaise lounges that were barely one foot off the ground, and four feet wide. Essentially, to use the chairs, you would either have to sit/squat like you were Aboriginal, or look like a complete moron and lay down, in the middle of the bar. I was half expecting to see someone passed out, face down, with a wine bottle out their ass.

All night long, people refused to sit on the space wasters, and I saw three of my friends catch a corner and almost fall on their face. It was easy to detract my attention from the Wisconsin/Northwestern game on TV (O/U was 87 points, I believe).

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

48 Hour Turnaround

UVA stunk up the joint of Saturday afternoon at FSU. Singletary was resigned to wild drives to the basket and fallaway three pointers. There was little ball movement, UVA didn't find it necessary to dictate the pace of play, and was run out of the gym by the only advantage FSU possessed, athleticism.

I don't know what I was expecting last night, at home, against BC, but Virginia played an energized game, making early stops, building a comfortable first half lead, and trading 2nd half baskets for a 14 point win. UVA shot well (52%), and was 12-21 from 3. Sadly, the game was preempted for the Wizz on Comcast, but I taped the replay and plan on reviewing tonight (hopefully) to see if ball movement led to open shots, or we were aggressive on the boards.

7-6 in the ACC, I am shocked. Leitao may receive a 10 year extension.

Monday, February 20, 2006

President's Day

Being the first President's Day I have ever worked, today is fairly depressing, as I am usually capping off a week in Miami with good friends, that includes golf, relaxation, and an overall fantastic time.

Watching yesterday's Daytona 500 brought back memories, as the four of us attended the race in 2005. We work up @ 5:30 to make the drive from Miami to Daytona. Upon arriving, we found the area to be extremely depressing (the Speedway is right off 95, and there is one main road that runs from the highway to the course, replete with numerous bars, Home Depots, and Chick-Fil-A's). Upon arrival, and paying $50 for parking (the fee was $45, the operator - jean shorts and a tank top, didn't offer change) we went straight to a bar at 8:45 @ 1/2 mile from the track and proceeded to get hammered. Great times.

After three hours of "preparation" tickets were extremely tough to come buy, as it was a complete sellers' market. After splitting off into groups of two, the only way we got tickets was my friend who lived in FL knew one of the scalpers we ran into. $150 apiece for great tickets was quite the bargain.

Inside the place was magic. I've never seen a more prolific scattering of beer stands, 22s, bought by the tub. We made the mistake of not bringing any in. No security checks to speak of. Figure if anyone was going to start something, they would be swayed not to by the thought of being beaten to a pulp by 200,000 rednecks. It certainly works.

I've attended a number of sporting events, and playoff games, and a Super Bowl, but nothing gets a person more fired up that the first lap of the Daytona 500. The tightly packed cars, speed, screaming crowd, and wind is a 100% pure adrenaline rush.

The race was fantastic, weather was perfect, and 70% of the crowd would have been euphorious of Dale Jr. pulled out the win, over Jeff Gordon, who had 26 supporters in the entire place. Overall the crowd was an extremely knowledgeable and nice group of people, who have all been attending for years. The next time I go, I am splurging $50 on the RaceDay scanner, which everyone seemed to have.

Finally, saw this tidbit:

"3:47 -- Courtside we have: Jamie Foxx in a Dodgers hat, in discussion with Ludacris; George Bush Sr., not in discussion with Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas"

Fergie sung the National Anthem at Daytona, and then made the All Star game.Did she stay for any of the race?

Friday, February 17, 2006


Has anyone ever experienced a teleconference that had a positive output, i.e. actually made progress towards a goal? All the teleconferences in which I have participated dissolve into glorified status updates. Not once, in six years of consulting, has a teleconference spurred critical/imaginative thinking or led to solution of any issues.

What am I missing, or not bringing to telecons that is making them worthless?

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Guess Who?

I was queried by a good friend as to what PGA Tour player I found to be the most overrated, in terms of accomplishments and general attitude towards their skills. One name immediately jumped to mind. He:

- Has not won a Major
- Has multiple endorsement deals
- Has reworked his swing
- Won in the last year, home and abroad
- Would be dubbed as being 'salty' to the media, and expects better coverage than he receives

Really enjoying the Olympics. TV content has desensitized my perceptions to pain/humor/hyperbole, but the feats of the skiiers, snowboarders, speedskates is awesome stuff.

60' in DC today. What I wouldn't give to be back at UVA, porching in the front yard over a game of spades and a freshly tapped keg of cheap beer.

"You didn't know that rock and roll burned, so you bought a candle and you lived and you learned."

Sunday, February 12, 2006


Hard fought victory over VT for the 'Hoos last night. VT opted to play Singletary tight and tough, in the mold of UMD, in the hopes of wearing him down, so Leitao switched Reynolds to the point, ran SS off screens, and JR ended up with 12 assists and a victory. VT sunk countless 3s to get back into the game (at one point trailing by 12), and played a bunched defense that kept UVA on the perimiter and fighting for offensive rebounds and putbacks, as opposed to a high/low game run throught Cain at the key. Going to OT was nervewracking, but makes the victory, and sweep of VT extremely sweet.

I watched the game in Arlington, and the behavior of VT fans was to be expected.
1.) Wander by the TV, realize VT is playing against UVA
2.) Realize the game is close, state how UVA sucks as they should be running VT off the court.
3.) Continue to watch and rant.

I cannot stand how someone who has no idea there is a basketball game, let alone their school, can become actively involved, through the happenstance realization a game is being played. Even after the UVA win a civil VT fan, who had a clue, offered congratulations, but with the caveat "just wait until football." Can't you just congratulate and leave it at that, instead of interjecting sour grapes? Sadly football is literally all you have, and a team of reckless punks, enjoy that sweet representation of an educational institution.

I really enjoy the back-and-forth with Maryland graduates, who are extremely knowledgeable. VT supporters are without equal.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Slow Friday

Trying to shake the cough/congestion that has hampered me for almost two weeks. It is extremely depressing to wake up and have ten minues of coughing up garbage in the shower on deck.

Looks to be a slow weekend, I need the rest. Hopefully UVA can win against VT tomorrow night. We've had a hard time against schools with a quick frontcourt, which doesn't bode well.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Tough loss for the Hoos in College Park last night. With diminished expectations, considering we've lost 5 straight to UMD and 12 of 13 at Cole/Comcast, I was interested in a close game, and was rewarded.

Unfortunately, 4 fouls on Singletary and Reynolds forced UVA into a soft zone for protection in the 2nd half, which allowed UMD open shots in the corner, and they converted. I don't consider the loss to be UVA giving the game away, more of UMD playing the physical game (allowed by the referees) that suits their style.

UVA is really hurting when either of the two are out of the game, as backup PG TJ Bannister was dressed, but is coming off an injury and didn't play. Reynolds isn't fully adept at handling the point. I give UMD credit for pressing all game, as Singletary was gassed at the end of the 2nd half. When either of the two are off the court, our offensive options drop, as Diane/Soroye are non-factors, and Lars and Cain operate mostly from 15 feet and in. Cain went for a double-double, and I am amazed at his transformation into an undersized 4.

Really liked the Comcast Center, gets me excited for the JPJ Arena opening in 2007.

Monday, February 06, 2006


Some of my fondest childhood memories revolve around the trips to Washington PA to visit my grandparents. Slicing the snow and mountains on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, I knew the harrowing trip would ultimately result in a night spent under quilted blankets lauding Franco Harris, Jack Lambert, the Steelers. I knew Myron Cope before Sonny, Sam, and Frank, and while my allegiance will always be with Washington, I take great pride and satisfaction in the Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl victory. The victory has put me in a celebratory and reminiscent mood, as it brings back so many memories, and I've really enjoyed discussing the Steelers season progress with my Father. It's been great times. 'Skins in 2007!

Sunday, February 05, 2006


Yesterday I had the opportunity to travel to Charlottesville to watch UVA against Wake Forest. A few stat lines jumped to my attention:

TOTAL FG% 1st Half: 13-29 44.8% 2nd Half: 12-20 60.0% Game: 51.0% DEADB
3-Pt. FG% 1st Half: 5-12 41.7% 2nd Half: 4-6 66.7% Game: 50.0% REBS
F Throw % 1st Half: 7-11 63.6% 2nd Half: 7-11 63.6% Game: 63.6% 1

TOTAL FG% 1st Half: 13-26 50.0% 2nd Half: 13-35 37.1% Game: 42.6% DEADB
3-Pt. FG% 1st Half: 2-6 33.3% 2nd Half: 5-14 35.7% Game: 35.0% REBS
F Throw % 1st Half: 7-10 70.0% 2nd Half: 9-14 64.3% Game: 66.7% 2

UVA shot on average(@42%, WF was 50%), which would normally translate to a UVA loss. but:

2nd chance points-WFU 4,UVA 19

5 20 25

21 26 47

The 21 offensive rebounds were unreal. What isn't stated is Soroye fouled out with 6:38 left in the game, and the bulk of the workmanlike effort was orchestrated by Cain and Diane.

My expectations prior to ACC play were 4-12. They are 5-4, play with heart and hustle, and, having been to a game to watch the play of the frontcourt, play fundamental find-a-body box out defense. UVA has exceeded my expectations. I am proud of this team.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Rub My Face In It Later

Lucas Glover is going to be one hell of a professional golfer. I think he wins at least two Majors by the end of the decade.

Heartbreaking UVA loss to NC State last night. For UVA to be playing competitively is a welcome surprise. To be able to prevent an open three on a play where every NC State player touches the ball around the horn is outstanding. 4-4 in the ACC, I couldn't be happier.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


National Signing Day. If you don't know what it is, you aren't as big of a loser as I am.

This morning I put my finger on my #1 pet peeve, having no hot water in the shower. Couple that with a headcold, and I am praying no one talks to me today.

You know the area in which you are driving isn't a good area when people cross the road anywhere, and don't move to sidewalks, irregardless of the volume of traffic.

Tiger Woods' win at the Buick last weekend means we've got at least another 15 years of having to deal with his inability to grow da goatee.