Sunday, March 22, 2009

There is a place in the world for 60 Minutes

Andy Rooney, and what else? I was moved by the heartfelt story of The Soloist. Beyond the story of Mr. Ayres and Mr. Lopez, 60 Minutes took a quarter hour to tell a story, beyond standard reports (all breadth, no depth). From exposition to conclusion, the relationship of the two men drew me in, an example of quality reporting. I eased into my couch and simply watched, laptop, magazines, books (2), and phones at bay. A small mention of the affiliated book and movie, the story centered on the journey of Mr. Ayers, and didn't sensationalize or predict an outcome. It painted in plain and clear detail, and was refreshing and though-provking, simply excellent.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Refusal and Redemption

Refusal: To follow the Wizzzzzards until they completely revamp the team. I watched in disgust Sunday as they eked out a win over Sacramento, an inch away from blowing an eight point lead with 1:20 to play. Lifeless, listless, hopeless. If you are going to play so poorly, bring in Sean Singletary, Roy Hibbert, and Jeff Green (maybe Mutumbo?) to please the locals. Or lure Rod Strikland out of retirement (hot dogs 1/2 off).

Redemption: Leitao out at UVA. I've never paid so scant attention to a UVA basketball season, which has tempered my excitement for the NCAAs. I blame him for the lost season. His recruiting is marginal, he cannot develop players, deploys an inconsistent rotation, and has no gameplan. Strike four. The names being floated as replacements I rank as follows:

1. Tubby
2. Miller (Xavier again?)
3. Capel (Blake Griffin makes anyone look good)
4. Mike Montgomery, Rick Barnes, Mark Few (all mentioned in prior UVA searches)
5. Terry Holland
56. Jeff Jones
9532. Pete Gillen

Monday, March 09, 2009

Since when?

Looking at the alternates for the Puerto Rican Open presented by Banco Popular, I'd be hard pressed to tell you if the tournament was occurring in 2009 or 1993.

Freeman, Robin
Hulbert, Mike
Clearwater, Keith
Schulz, Ted
Peoples, David
Ogrin, David
Clark II, Michael
Henke, Nolan
Dodds, Trevor
Tryba, Ted