Monday, September 28, 2009

Question of the Day

Would it be weird to purchase a chair for my office and neglect the standard issue offering?

Monday, September 14, 2009


UVA football is atrocious. Without delving into details, I hold the coaching staff fully accountable, as we have talented athletes who are trapped in the first year implementation of a spread offence, which is being sabotaged/watered-down by Groh. Also (one last rant), how do you come out in the spread against W&M, instead of running it down their throat to a 14+ point lead, before implementing the spread? We compleletely negated out athletic superiority.

If/when/once Groh is fired, the popular replacement is Mike London (Richmond). Personally, I want no part of any coach from the Al Groh lineage. My choices to replace Al Groh:

1. Chris Peterson -Boise State - Would he leave a perennial top 15 team for a rebuilding assignment?
2. Troy Calhoun - Air Force - Former service academy coaches are favorably viewed at UVA
3. Paul Johnson/Tom O'Brien - GT/NCSU - We should ahve hired PJ two years ago, I knew he'd be successful @ GT, who are scary good this year. 0% chance either leaves for UVA.
4. Chris Beatty - WVU - It is only a matter of time before he gets a HC gig.

I don't want:
1. Phil Fulmer - Does not fit the UVA xcoaching persona, lauded by the same contingent who wanted Bobby Knight to replace Dave Leitao
2. Any assistant coach from USC
3. Terry Bowden