Monday, November 30, 2009

Al Groh is Out

It will be difficult to lure a successful coach to UVA, based on academic restrictions, and poor YOY performance. Realizing the decision will not be solely based on football, my thoughts:

Untouchable I'd want, if $ weren't an object: Jeff Tedford

My current wishlist (and % chance):

1. Chris Petersen (BSU) (2%)
2. Pat Fitzgerald (NU) (1%)
2. Calhoun (AF) (4%)
3. London (UoR) (55%)
4. Butch Jones (CMU) (3%)
5. Grobe (WFU) (25%)
6. Strong (UF)(10%)
7. Woody Hayes, Mike Price, and Gene Stallings
196. Flavor Flav
278. Golden and Mike Groh

Major Applewhite as a darkhorse?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Lebron's talk of playing WR for the Cleveland Browns makes for good discussion.

"Quarterback Brady Quinn also heard about James' football fetish. He would love to have a target to throw to like James in the red zone."

Shouldn't you reach the red zone before discussing your red zone options?

If LJ waits too long, the orange helmet referred to by Mangini will be that of a construction worker, if he's lucky enough to land a foreman job after getting freed by Cleveland.

LJ would have more success as a WR for the Giants.

NCAA BB 2009

I enjoyed ESPN’s NCAA BB Marathon; it jogged memories of the NCAA Tournament, and watching a sequence of games, a whetting of the whistle.

Kansas - #1 on the basis of returning starters/scorers (top 9), but I see marginal improvement from last years S16 team. Aldrich will take touches from more athletic players, and it will be hard to settle on a rotation.

Duke – Lost their most athletic player when Elliott Williams transferred to Memphis.

Top Ten Teams (in general) – Most T10 teams have a few superstars and little depth, or depth with no go to scorer. More cracks/flaws in the T10 than in the past.

Teams not currently in the Top 25 – Maryland (GV, EH, LM) has depth and experience, and will rise as the season progresses. Memphis gained a potential All American in Williams (kudos to the NCAA for allowing him to immediately transfer, on account of personal hardship) but the team has a lot of growing up to do (under an untested coach) and improve their shooting to be dangerous. Not used to being the underdog, I see them improving as the year progresses. Gonzaga has a young team, who will undertake a difficult schedule, but Mark Few will prepare them well for March.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Magazine Rankings 2009

I've never curtailed my interest in reading, which leads me to receive a multitude of magazines, covering many different subjects. My 2009 magazine ranking:

1. Dwell - The writing is intentionally sparse, but the pictures are the true content, and convey beautiful homes, offices, tree houses, etc. Very imaginative and inspiring.

2. GQ - Quality articles, great style advice. I enjoy it as much as I did at 18.

3. Sports Illustrated - My parents bought me my own subscription for a 30th birthday gift, and I couldn't be happier. Not the same magazine I used to snip for my wall murals at age 10, but still a cover to cover gem. SI may be the foundation for men aged 28-42.

4. Fast Company - Excellent reading, understated humor, diverse topic coverage.

5. Inc. - Good stories of small business success.

6. Golf - Excellent interviews, which are stymied by the excessive advertising.

7. Vanity Fair - Three excellent stories per issue, the rest is advertising.

8. Wired - I don't understand Wired.

Forrest Gump, Lillehammer, and Ace of Base

While OJ was in the back of Al Cowlings' Bronco, and Arkansas won the NCAA basketball tournament on the sharp-shooting of Scotty Thurmond, our anonymous coed was watching the debut of Friends before grinding to 'The Sign' at the Tacky Party.

At least that is what her gym t-shirt from yesterday supposed (Tacky Party 1994). I was both impressed and reviled by a fifteen year old shirt.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


- A friend at work mentioned taking her kids to the school book fair, and immediately conjured up great memories. The gargantuan metal lockers, color coded by age, are am image I (surprisingly) remember quite easily,and fondly.

- I should revisit my elementary school to see if my mental map still matches the actual layout, and how the scale has shrunken as I have grown.

- The Golf Channel has done such a good job covering the HSBC and JBWere Masters I'd forgotten there was a concurrent PGA Tournament (Disney) with a good field (Fowler, Lovemark, Johnson, Toms, Gay). Nightly live coverage is fantastic.

- Hard to believe it has been 11 years since TW competed in Australia. Raking a $3M appearance fee doesn't hurt.

Monday, November 09, 2009

NCAAA Bowl Projections

Stewart Mandel's Bowl Projections elicits low expectations at the paucity of (projected) marquee games. Nerveless, the speculative gates are open.


- Going from a BCS Title matchup to the Sugar Bowl (against Cincinnati) would be a precipitous drop for Florida, and deservedly so, based on their play over the last month.

- Does anyone care about GT/Iowa in the Orange Bowl? Did anyone care before Iowa lost this weekend?

- Wow, is the PAC 10 down (more so than most years). A 2L Oregon in the Orange Bowl? I'd rather watch Stanford.

- A mediocre Big East and TCU wreck the BCS bowls. They have arguable cases for being the best teams in 2009, but BCS games should pit big conference foes.


- Alabama/UT would be a great title bout.

- While Central Michigan (MAC) vs. Louisiana-Monroe (Big Ten No. 7*) looks terrible on paper, how can anyone argue with the Little Caesars Bowl?

- Auburn/Clemson would match inconsistent teams in the Chick-fil-A Bowl.

- Miami would annihilate ND in the Gator Bowl.

- Houston/Georgia would feature an upstart v. a stalwart.

Number of bowl games I'll match +/- 1.5, the Rose and possibly one more game.