Thursday, August 14, 2008

Olympics - US Women's All Around

The US women are getting hosed. I couldn't agree more with the Michael Wilbon sentiment that he doesn't follow subjective sports which are judged (gymanstics, figure skating). Smells like home cooking for China, the type normally reserved for UNC basketball.

Watching the women on the beam reminds me of Deiter (Mike Myers) from Sprockets.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Bittersweet / Olympics

The day after the PGA is always bittersweet, another eight months of winter before a Major.

Last night's 4x100 men's freestyle relay was A+ television. An unbelievable event and great start to the competition. Two days in and we've seen;

USA v. China
Phelps with two WR, both shattering the prior benchmark.


Speaking of USA basketball, I've bought into their teamwork and excitement/engagement in the Olympics. A far cry from previous teams, who stayed at off-site hotels and only showed up for the tournament. Kobe and Kidd at beach volleyball would not have happened in the past.

For me to buy into Team USA, it means two things:

1.) I am endorsing/supporting the attitude Mike Krzyzewski has instilled in the team.
2.) I am letting the excitement and joy of Kobe/others override the thought the effort is entirely PR-driven, to establish a Chinese bulkhead.

Elsewhere, Padraig Harrington is Player of the Year. Tiger judges himself by Major wins, and the tally on the year was 2-1 with an equal winning percentage.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


2007 Open
2008 PGA

For every fist clench, snarl, and flippant post-round handshake he delivers, it is really enjoyable to watch Sergio Garcia lose to Padraig Harrington. Post round interview is more gracious than the norm, but he still is bemoaning the lie PH got on 18.

Harrington is such a good guy, a great win, a great PGA champion.

Post script: my picks were atrocious, I need a stint in the minors before the Mercedes rolls around. Nationwide and Skins Game picks coming soon!

Post post script: JB goes Art Monk!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Come On...

Will one of the 20somethings on the PGA Tour please sack up and put themselves in contention at a Major? Of the young guns at the top of the leaderboard halfway through Friday, the two with the best chance are Baddeley and Rose, with Casey as a dark horse.

Thursday, August 07, 2008


My picks for the PGA, mixed up by picking a favorite (gold), a middling pick (silver), and a longshot (bronze). Please enjoy the Olympic theme.

Gold - Jim Furyk, Oakland Hills has tight fairways, overgrown rough, and diabolical greens. Check, check, check.

Silver - Angel Cabrera, the OH setup reminds me of 2007 Oakmont.

Bronze - Nick Dougherty

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Sally Jenkins of the WP has been spot on in her assessment(s) of the Olympics in Beijing.

Today she writes about the revocation of Joey Cheek's visa.

Write on, Sally.

Friday, August 01, 2008

The Washington Nationals

Aside from sports, does any other industry exist where the quality of the product can decrease, yet the price increases? After attending last night's game, I can safely assess the state of the Nats franchise as atrocious. The team has no talent, and doesn't attempt to overcome the talent deficit by playing fundamental baseball. On separate occasions mental breakdowns led to runs for the Phillies; breakdowns a 13 year old wouldn't make.

The 2B or P not covering 1st on a bunt to the right side of the infield.

The 1B calling for a throw from the C on a dribbled ball in foul territory.

The P getting out of the way of a popup, so it can be fielded by the 3B, with the result being an unnecessary collision.

There is no way I'll be paying for Nats tickets until I see an improved product on the field. The stadium 'perks' (i.e. 'the homage to drinking', with a massive bar behind CF) don't overcome the shortfalls.

Last night's game should lead to the firing of Manny Acta, I'd be shocked if it didn't.