Friday, September 22, 2006


Tough day 1 for the Good Guys at the Ryder Cup, with Tiger/Furyk going 1-1 (why has no one mentioned they are #1 & #2 in the world?), and the Mickelson face making another appearance. As much as I want the US to win, I don't know where the US is going to come up with 11.5 points for the win. But...

I've put kryptonite in Sergio Garcia's golf bag, by taking him in the morning match. If an RRD wager can't bring the shanks out in anyone's bag, I don't know what can.

Monday, September 18, 2006

I'm Back Bitches

Spent an extended weekend and the beach, for some much needed R&R. A few thoughts...

I get a kick out of how my phone automatically populates words based on my initial letters. At what point did 'can' become canoli, or 'but' become butthole?

If I ever complain about DC traffic again, may I be flashed back to being in a Myrtle Beach supermarket behind three people trying to use the self check-out aisle.

Myrtle Beach is the only area where the only sodas not sold out in the vending machine are diet.

Left my gas guzzling SUV at home, and borrowed my sister's car for the @ 1000 mile trip. Toyota Corolla = nice ride. Filling the tank twice, for @ $23 each time, brought a smile to my face. Easily saved me over $100. The disparity between mileage/ tank size was very eye-opening.

UVA, what can I say? Dark times. LOTS of room on the bandwagon. Truthfully, many true fans saw this coming. No serviceable QB, poor RBs = @10 points of offense per game, which isn't cutting it (especially at home). I've never been a total Groh supporter (I like it to GW, at times have approved of his decisions, but would characterize as 'inept' from 30,000 feet) as he has not developed a QB, ever (Shaub was all Bill Musgrave).

I don't know why VA fans expect more than 7 wins a year, we have no precedent for success. But unlike 95% of UVA fans, I have no problem stomaching a 4/5 win season. We've got talent signed for next year, and have a young team, sometimes you must take it on the chin. If we continue to spiral down, and our commitments (verbal) go elsewhere, I'll lose my $hit.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Forgottens

Music that has fallen between the cracks through the passage of time:

- Old school Aerosmith. Unbelieveable rock. It is crazy to hear how Steven Tyler's voice has evolved from milk to asphalt over the years (for the better).

- Poison's Flesh & Bood. Great album from start to finish, unlike OUASA or NBAGT, which contain a few homeruns, but more garbage.

- The Black Crowes. Southern Harmony and Musical Companion. What started it all. A number of us find it promising Chris Robinson and Kate Hudson broke up, and band members have been fleeing to save their sobriety. Should lead to great music.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Weekend Wrap Up

I hate to launch into the week on a sore note, after a fantastic weekend that included multiple good dinners, the NFL, and Government Mule in Brooklyn, but the Week One NFL Wrap Up by Peter King is a joke.

In the past sports writers were writers, those who sought information, not human interest and angling their stories to attract readership. The current era of writers, primarily internet writers, hold connecting with the reader in a higher regard than reporting the event, to the detriment of the story and the profession. No one is worse than Peter King. His latest stream-of-consciousness works harder to portray him as a buddy to all NFL coaches/players than a provider of insight. Both Joey Porter/cigar and Sean Payton/Jerome Bettis are pandering bits of tripe I hear in my head uttered in the voice of Eddie Haskell. By focusing on his VIP status with NFL personnel, he strikes out on his players/goats of the week (Charlie Batch over Pennington or Vick?). His "reporting" has sunken to being a 3,000 word puff piece. I find it aggravating/offensive he rips on airline security, on the anniversary of 9/11. The fact any airline employee treats him with respect is hard to believe, if I was an airline attendant and his reservation appeared, I'd have no problem losing it in the shuffle, his suitcases would be stockpiling in Malaysia.

Again, fantastic weekend, made up for the congestion I have been experiencing for days. The summer is over!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Houses/Bobby Flay

Quick thoughts...

...watching House Hunters and other HGTV shows and driving around the massive amounts of growth in DC, the houses/condos/apartments that have all sprung up in the same style are going to appear extremely dated in 5-10 years. The oversized bathrooms/bathtubs, earth tone colors in the living and bedrooms. the siding & brick facades are going to be America's new Epcot in 2015. I'd like to buy stock in the home remodeling business, there are SO MANY of these pre-designed, pre-fabricated houses in DC, no one is going to want an outdated style in 5 years. The worst component is going to be the oversided brushed-steel appliances, which are going to scream 2005.

...I know there are many Bobby Flay fans who peruse the site, but have you ever watched 'Throwdown'? He is the biggest primadonna prick! Always sniping at his assistants, acting like a real ass at the events of his competitors. Miserable personality, I can't stand the guy.

Please Shoot Me

Yesterday played a round of golf (on a Wednesday) that took 6:10. The 2nd longest round of my life. The longest was 6:30, and the course had 19 holes. Add 1:30 of steady rain and couple the fact an unnamed playing partner drained a Shemp birdie from 30 feet on a par-3 (we pay out for 2s) we had to hang around for him to collect. I wanted to kick the ball out of the path of the hole when it was 8 foot away and apparent it was going in (I was putting for 4 from 15 feet).

Hit 13 greens, shot 78. Made nothing longer than three feet all day, and wasn't missing cross country putts for birdie. Missed 8 from inside 15 feet.

It was the most miserable golf round of my life.

It really is miserable how 18 holes in DC involves a whole day. Up at 6, on the road by 6:45, tee off at 8:30, finished at 2:30, reception 4:15, (tentatively) home 5:30. Full effing day.

On a different note, why does every bum in DC ask me for $0.85? Is that what bum studies/surveys have determined to be the acceptable amount for which to panhandle? Is that the amount that gives said bum the most amount of time to harass a person fishing for the change?

Am I the only one with faith in the US for the Ryder Cup? Nothing would make me happier than an 0-4 week for Sergio, he'd me more petulant than a Roddick post-match interview.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Labor Day

Good LDW, very relaxing. DC weather was soggy, but a nice break from the norm.

Enjoyed watching FSU/Miami last night, always a good game, with two teams that seem to be a step faster than the rest of college football at the beginning of September. Never been a fan of the 'Canes, so no complaints with two straight FSU wins.

Seeing the aggressiveness and youth of the FSU defense, they look like title contenders for 2007/8, possibly this year (although currently 10:1 is somewhat overrated, should be @ 20:1). The majority of the guys they had flying around the field are newcomers. Geno Hayes - RS F, Michael Ray Garvin - RS F, Myron Rolle, TF. On the offensive side, Antone Smith (RB) - RS F. Weatherford has a year at the helm under his belt, and the highly talented Lorenzo Booker can deliver six on most plays, with a decent blocking package. The FSU defense is nasty, I don't see them being overly challenged, and can get away with a ball-control offense.