Sunday, August 16, 2009

Strasburg and the Nats

That may be the only time I combine those words. With just over a day left, I'm disappointed the Nats haven't signed Strasburg, although they've offered them a 'record deal'. I'd split my blame 70/30% between the Nats and Boras.

Should the Nats not sign Strasburg, it will be the second consecutive year they do not sign their first round draft pick. By drafting SS #1, they knew he'd command a record deal which would surpass an incremental increase from the current record of $10.5m/yr. The corresponding positives (ticket & jersey sales, conversation) would outweigh the looming negatives if he gets off the hook.

Boras could care less if he blows up baseball to fatten his pockets. He's malicious.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back in Action

After a very important layoff.

Not overly enthusiastic about the PGA Championship. Essentially out of the running for my golf pools, and I'm not inspired by Hazelbeem. The course is long, I get it.

I was miffed when I attempted to download the PGA iPhone application, and it was $1.99? No other major charges for their application (even the Masters, which provides coverage not on TV), but the PGA is trying to cash in? If you have 10,000 people purchase the application, you've made @$6,000. Additionally, their online tracker is miserable.

Pick(s)? - Don't really care, but we picked Dustin Johnson in our pool.