Friday, January 27, 2006

Underrated (continued)

- The prison scene in Starsky & Hutch
- Receiving a text message on your birthday from your parents, in lieu of a phone call
- George Washington baskeball
- Combos
- Press Your Luck
- The Daly Planet
- Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi
- Scott Weiland

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Annoyed by the 1988 4-Runner

Nothing makes me more irate than a run to the grocery store deli, asking for a pound of X, having the attendant reach for the pre-sliced meat, and have him/her roll their eyes when I ask for a freshly sliced batch. Please forgive me if I make you engage in the laborious task that happens to be your effing job. And don't think your obvious show of displeasure is going to keep me from asking for my cheese sliced as well.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Business/Front, Party/Back

My dwindling clean shirt suppy necessitated I wear the shirt I normally wear to UVA football games to work on Monday. It is weird to wear a shirt I equate to getting nine-eyed in a work setting. It is somewhat sad, as it harkens to great times, and certainly not the meetings I was forced to endure. A shirt that has carried burbon stains the size of frisbees doesn't belong hid under a suit. It was rode hard.

Sean Singletary = man. 4-2. I'll be the only one carrying the flag, if need be.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

5 for 5

Lot of things running through my mind this weekend, but must spin-off the F&J best fast food topic to rehash some the best fast food special deals. I can't remember my parents' birthdays, but can easily regurgitate memories from when burger joints whored me out to my merriment:

5. $1 double quarter pounder with cheese at McDonalds (everyday). When I am in need of a colon blow.
4. $0.99 bacon/egg/cheese at Hardees (occasionally)
3. 5 for 5 at Arbys
2.Buy a large drink, get a free burrito/meal at Baja Fresh. President's Day 2004. I was visiting G in Fort Lauderdale, and he had gotten the Baja coupon in the mail. Upon reading and realizing the deal, he yanked all the coupons from the cubbyholes of all his neighbors, and went trash digging to accumulate a gangster's roll of the coupons. We ate it almost every night in Florida. We also debated the most ghetto misuse of the coupon, and decided on a large drink, free fajitas, and filling the large drink cup with Baja salsa on the way out the door.
1. $0.99 meatball subs at Subway. Spring/summer of 1995. I would be stuffed of 2 foot of sub for $4.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Congratulations to UVA Basketball and Dave Leitao

UVA won a well fought, close game against UNC in Charlottesville, 72-68. I cannot offer higher praise for Coach Dave Leitao, who has UVA playing end-line to end-line basketball, really playing their guts out. The UVA team shows up to play every night, is often overmatched, but plays great hustle defense, in an attempt to keep the score low and have the opportunity to win present itself.

Like tonight.

Unlike his predecessor, Leitao sets expectations that, once met, get the team closer to the next level of expectations. He has a plan for improving the team, doesn't dwell on ugly wins, or great losses. He's got a UVA team of gritty players (Sean Singletary is unbelieveable, he drops 18 while hobbled with a bum shoulder) who have bought into his philosophy.

While he won't let the team rest on its laurels, I certainly am going to some time and relish tonight's win. Go Hoos!


For the love of God may this summer fly by.

Let's Get Stupid

A coworker/friend is convinced he possesses an NFL quality leg, and wants to pursue the following:

- Quit work.
- Get a partial scholarship to an NAIA school (he has exhausted his NCAA eligibility). Pursue an advanced degree.
- Kick for two years to develop more consistent form.
- Get drafted or audition for NFL teams.

I wonder if his parents still claim him on their taxes, as being "mentally deficient".

Additionally, if he were to somehow beat unthinkable odds and succeed, wouldn't 4-5 years of kicking for $300K put him right back where he started? He'd have to find a normal job once he finished.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Sky = Blue

Today's award for unnecessary reporting goes to:

Seriously. I had no idea.

Nickels and Dimes

Bittersweet football weekend, as the Redskins falter in Seattle, but the Steelers triumph in Indy. My father, from Pittsburgh, was overjoyed, but the last thing he needs is another "victory stolen from the clutches of defeat from the grip of victory" contest. I am hardly optimistic about travelling to Denver, as the Steelers face serious match-up issues, but a we'll see come the weekend.

The highlight of the weekend was a Saturday night Target visit where I purchased a few items that had been on my wish list for ages, a paper shredder and a magazine rack. Coupled with the room fan I took acquired elsewhere, a good haul. It is embarassing I was extremely happy with my purchases. When did I lose interest in gadgets?

Saturday, January 14, 2006


US Open. Pinehurst. I cannot remember a better Major Championship. The last three holes unfold like chapters. Payne pours in 65 foot of putt.

Possibly the greatest experience of my life, to date, are the rounds of golf played with family, especially my Father. I vividly recall morning rounds during the summer, parking across from the ninth green at the course, hopping the fence, making sure to split the first fairway with the dew prints, a mix of guidance and haughtiness planted for the second game of the day. Round finished by 9:45, a Sunkist for the ride home.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Still not Liking

...the 2007 Tahoe design. I'm trying to fit the square peg in the round hole, but it appears to have lost the qualities that made it attractive.

When I was looking to purchase a new vehicle (2000) my roommate bought a 4Runner, which was quite a benefit, as I found the seat material and width to be of poor quality, and not the thickness I desired, and found, in the Tahoe. Be it an attempt to increase mileage or conform with the square-shaped models recently released (Dodge, Jeep), but I'm not feeling it.

Granted, I probably won't be looking to buy a new car until 2009 at the earliest, so get used to the gripe.


Super Bowl XXII
The first Cypress Hill album
Pepper Jack cheese
Gas for $1.99/gallon
Norm McDonald
Drive By Truckers
Sean O'Hair

Monday, January 09, 2006


Good weekend for the home teams, as the Redskins luckily survived in Tampa, and the Hoos won their first ACC contest under the tutelage of Dave Leitao. Sadly, I am not holding my breath for the same outcome next weekend. Back to reality.

Enjoyed watching the Army AA Bowl on Saturday, although it is sad I am as familiar with college football recruiting as I am. For all my knowledge, 0 players in the game were going to UVA. I cannot remember the last time it happened.

The day I have been dreading finally arrived, as Chevrolet released a new model for the Tahoe (presumably to boost sales), rendering my model outdated. The new body style is decent, but not to the extent I found the current model to be great, when it was issued. Hopefully it will grow on me, but it just appears to look like all the other SUVs (Explorer and Durango).

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Resolution for 2006

My 2006 resolution is to bury the hatchet with the Metro. He treated me well on NYE, and I am appreciative.

Being that my feuds are zero-sum, if you are interested in a tasteless and overpriced meal, and enjoy paying $13/glass for the house red, you'll enjoy La Perla in Georgetown:

Did I mention the service made the Special Olympics look like a Mensa convention?

Very excited... get my hands on the new release by The Strokes. Out yesterday, it has been described as a huge step in their maturation as a band.

I've always felt, and secretly hope, The Strokes became next incarnation of The Stones, often copied, but never matched. I consider their sound almost a return to garage rock, not from their music, but from the countless miserable bands spawned in their wake.

The songs on myspace are excellent, particularly Electricityscape, which wanders in different rhythmic directions, with heavy Strokes overtures/overtones.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Good: Starting 2006 on a high note with an astonishingly reasonable fare from DC/Union Station to Arlington. I will be posting his #, I am sure he would welcome your patronage. Tell him keg-beer Ryan from NYE sent you.

Bad: Waking up 1/1/2006 with $1 in my wallet. Easily the worst possible outcome to a night, virtually guaranteeing I was not sober. $1 can accomplish nothing, and it is just so odd I often wake to a single GW sneering in my hungover direction.

Good: UVA bowl win over Minnesota, leveling the downward spiral temporarily.

Bad: The Books-A-Million notion I would be willing to pay $10 for an annual 10% discount. My presence in B-A-M is on account of lack of foresight to purchase on Amazon at a 40% discount. They should be distibuting the cards for free.