Monday, October 17, 2011

Youth Gone Wild

Tom Lewis' win on the European Tour and another strong performance from Bud Cauley at the McGladrey Classic are additional examples of youth being served in professional golf. The Young Guns (cue JBJ, or a Chavez y Chavez vignette) aren't part of the 'Valley of Woods' generation (32-25) who flailed against the immense success of Tiger in his prime.

In addition to Lewis and Cauley, other professionals starting to rake include:

Matteo Manassero (two Euro Tour wins)
Harris English (Nationwide win)
Russell Henley (Nationwide win)
Rickie Fowler (Korean win)

Peter Uihlein and Jordan Speith will soon follow their predecessors.

None of the aforementioned golfers are prototypically huge, but tactically manage their games, and are fearless.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Steve Jobs, thank you

I'm thankful for Steve Jobs providing me with one of the best memories of my life, when I received an Apple IIC computer for Christmas in 1986.

A computer was the only gift I wanted, and I'll never forget rounding the corner to the living room on Christmas morning to huge wrapped boxes next to the Christmas tree.

There was a note on the wrapping paper stating, "This is from your parents, not Santa Claus".

I played Oregon Trail endlessly, and can still hear the rickety hum of the dot matrix printer (and the paper with the tearaway perforated edging).

After setting up our machine, my Dad was somewhat of a computer guru, he came into my school (Grafton Elementary) and set up class computer. I was so proud.

I thought I was keeping it over the years in the hopes it would become a collectors's item, but, in truth, I've kept it for sentimental value.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Carnac the Magnificent would be Proud

A quick review of my archives exhumed the following.

MONDAY, JULY 19, 2010
Future Major Winners - Who, Where, and When

"...who will be the next first time winners in Majors, and when. In order of overall likelihood of winning a Major:

3. Rory McIlroy (US Open, Congressional C.C., 2011). Young, with many opportunities to win. Game is well suited for all Majors.

1. Martin Kaymer (PGA, Atlanta A.C. 2011). Great swing? Check. Young? Check (24). Major experience? Check (T7 @ Open). Other wins? Check (Five Euro Tour wins). MK will win multiple Majors. His stoicism reminds me of fellow countryman Bernhard Langer."

Five Majors later, hitting two out of five (with McIlroy nailing the trifecta) isn't bad. Maybe watching immense amounts of golf has some redeeming value.