Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Slide it Down

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Top 5 - Black Crowes
I'm stoked for the new Black Crowes album, and summer tour. In honor, my top five studio tracks. I do not take into account any song performed live (which would produce an entirely different list).

5. Remedy
4. Sister Luck
3. Cursed Diamond
2. Hotel Illness
1. Twice as Hard

I'd dump Sister Luck, drop 1-3, and elevate 'Descending' to #1. Leaving it off the list was a colossal oversight.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

2011 US Amateur

I cannot remember a (post-Tiger Woods) US Amateur receiving the attention the 2011 playing has garnered. It is deserved.

All the superstars advanced through stroke play, and are leading and/or have won their opening matches.

If Harris English, Peter Uihlein, Russell Henley, Tom Lewis, and Jordan Spieth continue to advance, English/Uihlein would meet in the semifinals, and Henley/Lewis in the Round of 16. Spieth could advance to the finals before meeting any of the other four.

Five years ago the 'Big Five' in golf were Woods, Mickelson, Goosen, Els, Singh. Recognize the emergence of the 'New Five'.