Tuesday, May 29, 2007

ZJ or GO

Watching highlights of the 2006 US Open lead me to thinking as to who will win their 2nd major first, Geoff Ogilvy or Zach Johnson. Although their games are decidedly different, their successes and attitudes are strikingly similar.

Watching the 2006 Open, a few things stood out:
1.) Mickelson's swing off the tee changes dramatically between the US Open and 2007 Players. He barely gets the club to parallel, and used to be completely free swinging.
2.) GO gets deserved credit for the chip in on 17 and the par-save on 18, but the shot that most impressed me was the chip from the fairway on 18. He fully releases the club and exhibits no tension on the last hole of a major. Impressive.
3.) The deputy/police officer behind Mickelson after his 2nd shot on the 18th is reminiscent of the scene when Jack Ruby was shot (in so many ways).

Back to the debate of who wins another major first, I've got to go GO. He's got more talent than anyone who doesn't carry the initials TW. Couple his talent and his ability to make other players wilt negate the breaks he received in the 2006 Open, which led to the belief his win was a fluke. They both are good guys, and good for golf.

Is Netflix worth it?

With the dearth of quality summer tv, over the last week I've found myself watching the following movies:

Rock Star

I need other options. Is Netflix worth the cost? Any suggestions on how to maximize the benefits of Netflix? Normally I am not a "movie guy" (I don't watch more than 10 a year, and last saw Old School and Wedding Crashers in the theatre). I watch HBO for Entourage.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

NBA, etc.

The first two picks for the NBA draft were awarded to Portland and Seattle. My waning interest in the NBA has officially waned, as I am not staying up until midnight to watch the two play. I really miss the days of youth, when the NBA playoffs essentially coincided with the end of the school year. Once conference finals rolled around, grades were essentially decided, so you were able to watch the great Pistons/Bulls series of the 1990s.

Tommy "Two Gloves" Gainey won The Big Break 7. Sadly, it is one of the few shows I follow with any conviction. The Golf Channel normally will replay in the 5-7pm slot, so it is easy to catch up. Recently he's played in the Wachovia and last week's Nationwide event (taking the lead to Sunday), so maybe he'll break through and give the show some credibility.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday Lay Ups

Great article by BSG describing the atrophy of the code of honor in the NBA (i.e. the increase in flopping), among other things. His writing has vastly improved over the last 5 years.

Guess who?
Jaco Van Zyl
Matt Hendrix
Chip Deason
Sonny Skinner

1.) 1980s cover band
2.) Professors at Germanna Community College
3.) Pit crew for Greg Biffle

Answer? None of the above! They are golfers in the AT&T Classic at Sugerloaf. On a side note, John Daly is scheduled to appear in Fredericksburg on May 21 at a clinic. After a WD for JD, I put the chances of his appearance at 20%.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Sour Grapes

Or 'Why Sergio Garcia won't win a Major'. I picked this up on cnnsi:

Sergio's drop questioned by playing partner

Sergio Garcia's 66 tied for the low round of the day, but it wasn't enough to catch Phil Mickelson. Garcia finished strong (he shot 67 Saturday) to finish second, one of his best finishes since last year's Ryder Cup and his win at the Booz Allen Classic in 2005.

"I felt comfortable all week with my swing," Garcia said. "I felt like I was in a good rhythm."

A bit of confusion arose when Garcia took relief from a drainage area on the 2nd hole. His playing partner, Cliff Kresge, and Kresge's caddie questioned the drop.

"I've never tried to do anything wrong on a golf course," Garcia said. "If I would have felt at any time that I wasn't taking full relief, I would have called for a ruling and do whatever was right. But I felt like I did and that's all there is to it."

Garcia said it affected his play on the 2nd and 3rd holes and may have even cost him a stroke.

"They were calling me a cheater on that. You never like that. I've never cheated in my whole life. I'd rather shoot 85 than shoot 65 cheating."

He said he finally relaxed toward the 4th or 5th hole. "It probably cost me at least one (stroke). It's fine, but you never know. Maybe I would have not finished the way I finished."

SG is apt to blame failure on anyone but himself, even after his (arguably) best finish since the 1999 PGA or 2000 Mercedes. He's too busy looking for excuses, rather than trying to win tournaments. He receives no sympathy from me. Also, his Maximus spectacle on 17th after making two was ridiculous.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Ugly, Bad, Good

Ugly - Is there a more pompous or moronic golfer than Rory Sabbatini? I still shake my head at his tantrum at the 2005 BAH Classic where he was annoyed with Ben Crane's slow play and played ahead of his pairing. After yesterday's one good round at the TPC, he shoots his mouth and called Tiger beatable. His bravado comes on the heels of being smoked by Tiger at last week's Wachovia. Here's to a 79 today.

Bad - The Players' on NBC means another Johnny Miller weekend. I consider JM to be an egocentric clown. I can't remember the tournament (it was recent) where Adam Scott was teeing on a par 3, and hesitated while switching clubs. JM said something to the effect of, "it is disappointing AS cannot commit to a club and a shot near the end of the tournament". Dottie Pepper was following the group, and chimed in, "the wind is currently gusting, which will be a factor in the shot, hence the indecision". Essentially, more information was a mild rebuke of Miller. JM couldn't let it pass, and after the shot came up 10 yards short, he tersely stated, "seems like his wait was club decision based, as he was still 1/2 club short." He couldn't give credit to DP, but had to stroke his own ego. I don't think I was ever happier that watching the Shell Wide World of Golf @ Olympic where he shot 82 and lost to Niclaus by 8 shots.

Good - My favorite golf comment ever was during the final rounnd of the 1986 Masters, when Jack Nicklaus was on the 16th tee and Tom Weiskopf was asked what was going through Jack's mind. TW responded to the effect, "if I knew, I would have won this tournament at some point." The comment was amazingly candid, humorous, and mildly self-depricating.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


While I am recovering, and my only strenuous activity is PT, I've been trying to limit my post-dinner snacks, which is the past ran the gamut from cookies to popcorn. Currently I am a fan of Sabra Roasted Red Pepper hummus, with Athenos pita chips. Also eating a fair amount of dried berry mixes (strawberry, blueberry, crasins, etc.). What snacks are your go-to?

Saturday, May 05, 2007

On the Mend

I am happy to report that I am writing from bed, currently in day 4 of recovery from ACL reconstruction.

Arrived at the surgery center on Wednesday at 630, and was taken into pre-op @ 7. Was extremely anxious, which, when combined with the low temperature of the room, led to shivering. Thankfully, everyone I encountered was fantastic. Absolutely wonderful. I can't overstress that fact. Great pre-op nurses, Dr.s responsible for anesthesia, and my surgeon, Dr. Thal, who was the man. Taken to the OR, @ 845, and was under for the entire surgery soon thereafter. While I was expecting 2-3 hours of surgery, I had my ACL replaced and meniscus repaired in 55 minutes. Unbelieveable. After post op juice and graham crackers, I was in a wheelchair headed home by 12. Amazing.

Recovery has been good, albeit a mix of soreness and pain. First PT on Friday, where the greatest apprehension came from the stiff leg leading to cracking/snapping sounds during movement.

So far, I've remained very optimistic, and am trying to do more each day than the last. With the meniscus repair, I can't put full weight on the leg/knee for three weeks, but am pushing for as much flexibility as possible, without undue stress on the knee. As always, any advice is appreciated. Consider myself blessed to come into the quality of people who were associated with my surgery. Every one of the 8+ people were outstanding, and the fact they do it daily is amazing. The experience was an A+.