Wednesday, February 28, 2007

GM "Quality"

At the beginning of January, I contacted Chevrolet about a replacement part I needed for my vehicle. My radio dials were chipping (@35K miles) looked terrible, and needed to be replaced. The part was ordered, and I was contacted to schedule a time to replace the part. I informed the dealership I wouldn't be able to schedule at the current time, and to follow up in a week, which they never did. I called today to schedule the appointment, and was disappointed to learn the part had been returned to the factory, as it had not been installed. In summation, to get the part installed, the following steps occured.

1.)Part ordered
2.)Part packaged in factory for shipping
3.)Part shipped
4.)Part returned
5.)Part restocked in factory
6.)Part reordered
7.)Part repackaged
8.)Part reshipped
9.)Part installed

A "process" that could have ended at four steps if a simple follow-up phone call was made! Combined with poor customer service and a part failing at 35K, whereas my last Chevy had no problems (to 80K) and you wonder why Toyota is kicking your ass?

Golf in DC

Per the Washington Post it appears a partnership has been forged between Tiger Woods, DC, and the PGA Tour.

The possibility of a top-notch PGA event, headlined by Tiger Woods, has yet to sink in. Staging the event at Congressional would be a pinnacle event. With the throng of people who come to DC for the 4th of July (subsequently to be enticed with the opportunity to watch TW) Let's not touch upon the fact it will be 105', muggy, with afternoon thundestorms.

Monday, February 26, 2007

The 2007 ACC Tournament - Reseeding

Figures the 2007 ACC Tournament (where Virginia is guaranteed to make it until Friday) is being played in non-partisan Tampa. How boring. I greatly enjoy the Greensboro tournaments, and the tournament feels out-of-sorts when it is not played on the familiar Greensboro court.

With ACC expansion proving nothing is sacred, the ACC Tournament should reseed after each round. Granted, there would be some scrambling, as higher seeds wouldn't be able to "scout" the Thursday games as dilligently, but wouldn't the uncertainty add to the excitement? It could be argued the locked seeding provides a greater opportunity for upsets (12 beating 4 is more likely than a reseeded 12 v. 1), but teams with higher seeds shouldn't be screwed by the outcome of an earlier upset and have to play a higher seed.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Accenture Match Play - Sunday morning

Morning match between Stenson and Ogilvy (perfect final match) is an excellent match, which does not means they are playing good golf. Excellent match means a number of swings of holes and momentum. I look forward to the afternoon outcome. I am guessing a 2and 1 win for Stenson (current 2up through 15).

The course they are playing is underwhelming. I will remember 0 of the holes. I could easily walk you through 7-9 holes at La Costa. What I don't like about the course:

- I can't stand the change of color between fairway, rough, and garbage. Too jarring.
- Having garbage puts a player at a great disadvantage, with small chance of recovery. La Costa could put a player behind a tree/grove, providing an opportunity for recovery. Chances while straddling a cactus with a scorpion crawing on your Foot-Joy? 0%
- It is tough to create memorable holes without trees/lakes...sequential layering of elements. Think of the most memorable holes in golf. You would describe them in an order (tee shot cutting across the Pacific, avoid trees on the right, potential reach in two, etc...). Not here
- The course is probably going to jack up its rates 200% on Monday (my guess is $265) and advertise it hosted the 2007 Match Play.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Accenture Match Play - Saturday morning

Geoff Ogilvy v. Paul Casey didn't live up to the hype, but it was an enjoyable match to watch. Those two possess the 1A and 1B best swings in golf, and are completely different. Ogilvy's long and loping, controlled power swing and Casey's semi-crouched, compact, effortless pass are both enjoyable to watch. I believe Ogilvy has more winning success (in the US, at least) as his swing is more reliable under pressure. Casey's swing looks prone to a quick follow through and wristy-hook, where a quick swing by Ogilvy would only result in a pulled shot. Ogilvy also has better touch on quick, undulating greens.

What is in common with the best looking swings in the game (Ogilvy, Casey, Adam Scott, Baddeley, Luke Donald)? No Americans. The current American with what I consider the best swing is CH III. Ryan Moore's swing is a trainwreck. Why don't any young American golfers have swings of merit?

Friday, February 23, 2007


Congratulations to the Browns for winning the 3rd pick in the draft. Actually, the Buccaneers lost, and the Browns happened to win. Pretty standard.

Is there anyone more overworked than Pacman Jones's attorney? I hope he can accumulate comp time.

Moving the Accenture Match Play from La Costa to Arizona was a mistake. La Costa was gorgeous, the current course looks like the runner-up in the race to host 'Battle of the Bridges' in 2001.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Why I like NASCAR

In response to EZ's qustion, a quick summary of why I like NASCAR:

Trying to explain my fondness for NASCAR is like trying to explain why I tried to reach a green in two with a 240 yard carry over water, or why I opted for my 11th beer of the night at 3AM, it just fits. My prioritized team allegiances are:

1.) UVA basketball
2.) UVA football
3.) Nationals
4.) Orioles
5.) Redskins
6.) Wizards

You could essentially lop the Wizards off the list, if they were to make a Finals run, I'd be more bandwagon than supporter.My top five teams haven't provided much to support over the last 5-7 years, so I intersperse support with events such as NASCAR or PGA, for which I have similar viewing habits. In each case, there are guys I like and guys I don't, typically avoiding guys who are blessed with huge sponsorship deals and act entitled (TW, Dale Jr.). It makes for good viewing and the NASCAR standings (albeit alticlimatic after Daytona) spark some interest in the outcome of the season.

If you've never been to a race, I suggest going, they are enjoyable.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

2007 Daytona 500

I miss not being there. I've got a feeling it is the day for Kevin Harvick, followed by Tony Stewart. Thank me later.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Tiny Houses

In today's New York Times, and I am definitely interested. I can't put my finger on why this is an attractive idea. Maybe it is my disdain for all the overpriced stainless steel and housing excess, but something with the tiny houses seems pretty cool.

I've got friends who have lived in smaller places (older houses) that were tiny, and it seemed to be pretty cool. Opting to read, as opposed to television, is a nice break from standard living. If I were to purchase a weeHouse I wouldn't have a clue where I would place it. Out west? Is there a market for weeHouse timeshares?