Saturday, October 20, 2007


7-1. Great heart tonight by a team playing their 4th RB, 2nd & 3rd WR, and 2nd/3rd TE.

Go Hoos!

Indiana v. PSU

I've been watching the Indiana/PSU game. Indiana is going to lose, but James Hardy is a freak! He made Justin King look like a Shemp.

Friday, October 19, 2007


Watched 10/15 minutes of the Fry's Open yesterday, which is a microcosm of how boring the 2007 PGA season was. The majors provided little drama and the FedEx playoff tournaments/WCGs make off-week tournaments virtually unwatchable. Effectually (I admit) any tournament without TW is unwatchable.

I miss a guy who has the ability and cockiness to stir emotions a la TW. In a revelation (based on his pairing with Mickelson), what I/golf am missing is David Duval, circa late 1990s.

When DD was winning 3/4 tournaments a year, and was on his game, he was great to watch. A bit paunch, with a swing he laid off at the top, which I still consider to be a compact/great swing to behold, he fired darts. Along comes 2000 and DD shows up at the Mercedes 30 lbs. lighter and with a Mossimo clothing deal, and nothing has been the same since. I am convinced his decline was vertigo-based (quit dipping, a la Pete Harnisch) and he was never able to recover.

DD was a great golfer, I miss his game. I hope he regains respectability and form. We need some of these newer/younger golfers to step up. Glover has been in neutral for the past two years, Baddeley is too prick-ish to support. Adam Scott needs to find his game.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Turnaround Jumpshot

I like Wilco. After 'not getting it' for years, I've listened to a few of their live shows and they've got some great stuff that flows together very well. They are apt to letting their songs dissolve into a musical Brillo pad, but it is a small price to pay for some good tunes, mixed with some experimentation. I guess I was missing the mark by only listening to their live albums.

Who cares? I do. Should you care? Probably not.

Took in a great Gov't Mule show on Friday night, they played at 930 for 3 1/2 hours.

10.12.07 9:30 Club - Washington, DC
Set 1:
Brighter Days
Thorazine Shuffle
Banks Of The Deep End
I Believe To My Soul
A Million Miles From Yesterday
I'm A Ram->
Love Me Do->
I'm A Ram
Feel LIke Breaking Up Somebody's Home
Devil Likes It SLow with Ron Holloway
Find The Cost Of Freedom with Grace Potter
Ohio with Grace Potter and Scott Tournet

Set 2:
Play With Fire
Sco-Mule with Ron Holloway
Jealous Kind with Ron Holloway
Like Flies
Catfish Blues
Mr. High & Mighty
32/20 Blues I'm A Loser Tease

Fallen Down->
The Other One Jamwith Ron Holloway


Today's Washington Post calls out taxis for being miserable, extorting pieces of garbage.

The article couldn't be any more on point.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Few Nuggets

Read where Miller and Coors are merging distribution to combat Bud/AB. Made me ponder what I would drink if Miller Lite were to go extinct? Amstel? Molson Ice?

To reference posts from a bygone era, Tom Friedman brings (slight) attention to Social Security reform . I am not the biggest TF fan (the Mike Golic of "travelism"), but agree politicians must address SS reform. By the way, have you seen the leak from his latest soon-to-be published book, called 'Technology left me at +2.'?

"I was golfing at the Qatar Country Club, early 2007. The 2nd hole is a picturesque four-par, with a peninsula green outlined by black crude. As my seven-iron sailed the green, and I prepared to drop four, the depleted lake of oil left my ball playable! As I descended into dried lake, took a stance, and prepared to attempt a flop, a 320 story uber-building was erected between my ball and the hole. I pitched out sideways and made 6."

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Hope for Regulation

If Washington D.C. mayor Adrian Fenty regulated meters in DC cabs he would cement himself as my favorite politician. Ever.

Reading the article made me scoff. It it wonderful that DC cabdrivers are studying to be lawyers, doctors, teachersetc., but it doesn't address how they are trying to pay for their schooling on my fare from DC to Alexandria.

I've been repeatedly ripped off or attempted to be ripped off by DC cabs. yeah, I'm the guy on M Street at 12:30AM yelling at cabs trying to charge me $40 to go two miles, or who refuse to estimate my fare.

DC cabs are price-gouging vultures, their hand is tipped by saying, "I ask, what is the purpose of changing the system, which is working really very well?"...yeah, very well for the drivers, not the passengers getting their money stolen, or being taken through multiple zones by greedy cabdrivers.

Please regulate these f*ckers. There is a reason why every other major city has a metered system, to avoid gouging.

Friday, October 05, 2007

College Sparxxxxx

Attending the UMD v. GT game tomorrow, after a weekend in Cleveland, can it get any worse? Actually rooting for the Terps, as a GT loss creates greater separation for the Hoos.

Is there any band better than the Black Crowes? Some would argue Stones/Panic/obviously DBT. Right now I am digging the Crowes.

Cell phones are really starting to resemble pocketknives.

Going to a friend's 30th tonight, definitely feeling age setting in.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Weekend in Cleveland

Was in Cleveland over the weekend for a (surprise) wedding, a great wedding (Little Italy). Drove from DC on Thursday night, took @ 5:15 (not bad) and stayed at the Hilton in Beachwood. Massive hotel. More like a compound than a hotel.

Got in a round at Pine (...?? something) on Friday morning. 70' and sunny. Had our normal DC pairing, with the substitution of the bride's brother, who can play (a pro in Chicago). Was a good complement to the group, and gave him a few people to know over the weekend. Ate dinner at Hyde Park Steakhouse, which was good (not great) but better quality than I expected for being attached to a Clarion.

Reception was held at a facility next to an outdoor mall, which planted a good bar (Louie's) across the street to watch games pre/post/during the reception. We all got carted home in a limo bus, which provided some humor.

Drive home was long, it is amazing what is discussed when you're tired:
1.) Funny/painful pledging stories
2.) Who hates Tony Romo more, and how the 'boys aren't America's Team
3.) How, as a kid, all I wanted to do was eat dog food. Who doesn't remember the Snausages and Chuckwagon commercials? The meat pouring out of the Chuckwagon can looked delectable.
4.) Great snacks (in lieu of dog food) while growing up (peanut butter and celery, potato sticks, red stick cheese and crackers).

Really enjoying the new 50Cent & JT tune (AYO Technology).