Thursday, December 23, 2010

Grey Area

I don't understand the punishment received by the Ohio State football players who were sanctioned for receiving improper benefits."

"The players are eligible for the bowl game because the NCAA determined they did not receive adequate rules education during the time period the violations occurred, Lennon said."

Quite the non-ruling ruling. On the heels of the Cam Newton ruling, the NCAA continues to arbitrarily dole out punishment, rendering their decisions as laughable. The NCAA couldn't be more transparent that bowl revenues drive their decisions.

As Pryor and his teammates enter the draft, they will escape any punishment.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Luck on Our Side

While I was caught off guard by the benching of Donovan McNabb, I was completely puzzled as to why Mike Shanahan would hand the keys to the Fiero to Rex Grossman. The Redskins thought enough of John Beck to trade for him, and he has a much greater upside than RG.

Then it hit me, and made complete sense.

Shanahan does not want to win. Losses increase draft equity.

The Redskins want Andrew Luck.

John Beck gives the Redskins a greater chance for victory, and if he shows any flash of talent, it will impede instilling Luck as QB from day one. Keeping Beck planted on the bench prevents any chance of an offseason quarterback controversy. The Redskins will show McNabb the door, Rex isn't taken seriously as the starter, and Beck remains an unknown quantity.

Strangely, I fully agree the Redskins need Luck. He is a proven winner, and has the upstanding 'it' quality of a winner. The Redskins won't draft another Auburn dual threat QB (Newton) and may settle for Mallett, but Luck is needed to revive this franchise.

If his career doesn't pan out, he can run for Congressional office.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

RIP Bob Feller

Really sad to hear of the passing of Bob Feller. He was the first autograph I ever received (who wasn't a Disney character) at a Prince William Pirates game. I remember him being extremely patient and nice, and I thought, "wow, he's just like my grandfather."

I cannot think of a better compliment to give.

Little did I know of his experience or character, which I've come to learn. I'm glad my first autograph egged me to dig deeper. He was a great individual.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Weekend Chevron Thoughts

- Graeme McDowell makes the most of his talent. His final three holes (ridiculous bogey save on 17, 20 footer for birdies on 18 & P1) at the Chevron World Challenge were magnificent. I don't know how his swing doesn't lead him to hook every shot.

- European golfers putt better than their American counterparts. The (current) best professional putters - McDowell, Poulter, and Kaymer.

- The PGA Tour needs more match play, what better time than the Silly Season? Possibly something similar to Wentworth, but with eight golfers, three round-robin matches, and then a semi-final and final. Possibly invite golfers across different tours (PGA, LPGA, Champions, Nationwide).

- Has anyone heard from Ryo Ishikawa in the last six months?